Healthy Food Sales Job

istockphoto_13733731-will-work-for-foodI have met many people who have come to my classes who were in financial crisis due to long periods of unemployment. They came to my class to find out how to live on cheap bulk foods. Some of them had stored foods over the years for an emergency. This is the perfect example of the best purpose for having food storage.

There were heart wrenching moments as I taught classes about food storage when people came to my class only to realize that they didn’t put anything away for the rainy day they were now experiencing. They didn’t have any food storage and didn’t have any funds to buy some now, due to sudden and unexpected unemployment. They didn’t have the investment capital to purchase a wheat grinder or a bread kneader, a dehydrator or an extra freezer.

For people in this difficult situation I made a plan to assist those in need. If they are motivated, they can have a healthy food sales job working with me to make people more aware of their need for food storage and for converting to heart healthy cooking. I decided that I would give 50% commissions, unheard of I know, but I want to do what I can to help anyone in this situation who might be willing to use the opportunity of unemployment to do something that will improve the lives of those they talk to.

Heart Healthy Cooking


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