Healthy Kitchen Professionals

MyWholeFoods Heart-Healthy Kitchen PlanWe re-organize your kitchen for a healthier, more efficient and more economical way of living.

Millions of Americans have already decided to transition to a better diet but don’t have time to learn how.

Do you have a shortage of time or money?

Healthy Kitchen Professionals customize our services to fit your unique situation.

1) If you have time, energy and money…

We can teach you how to set up My Whole Foods Kitchen in your own home, make your own quick mixes that only require water.  We have over 100 videos online demonstrating how to use whole foods to make meals that your family will love.  We have online workshops to make it easy for you!  We ship you the food and containers and away you go!

2) If you have money, but no time…

We can set up My Whole Foods Kitchen in your home for you.  We will set up your kitchen with hand made quick mixes that only require water!  We will ship the food and containers to your home and be there to prepare the space, unpack the boxes and organize your kitchen for you.


3) If you have money, but no time or energy…

To continue your healthy progress you may want to hire one of our Healthy Kitchen Professionals from My Whole Foods Kitchen to prepare your meals for the week or even come daily.


4) If you have time and want to earn money…

We can teach you how to become a healthy kitchen professional and assist those in your local area set up My Whole Foods Kitchen to start a new life of whole food meals that their families will love!  We offer an online program that will equip you to be a Healthy Kitchen Professional and represent My Whole Foods Kitchen.

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