Project 7 – Healthy Weight

7 Healthy Lifestyle

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Raw and Cooked Veggies

Grow Your Own Garden!


fruitHealthy Weight Plan:
Mother Nature’s Plan for Abundant Energy and Perfect Weight

Whether you would like to lose weight, reduce your cholesterol, prevent acne or heart disease our diet plan remains the same: eat foods that spring from the ground.

Every whole food is “superfood”. Each fruit, vegetable, grain, nut, seed, herb or spice will contribute something to improve your health and well-being.

Project 7: Healthy Weight

– Challenge 7: Replace unhealthy snacks and side dishes with fruit and vegetables.
– Action Step 7: Learn how to create your own salad bar. Maybe grow your own!
– Shopping List 7: Refrigerator containers for raw foods chopped and prepared to eat.
– Result 7: Lose weight and gain energy by eating raw and by exercising in the garden.

Healthy Weight Videos

Healthy Weight Plan

Mother Nature’s Plan for Abundant Energy and Perfect Weight
It’s never been easier to eat healthy! Our ancestors had to work by the sweat of their brow for every morsel of food. Today we simply have to put foods in our shopping cart. Healthy shopping is the most important step on the path to eating healthy.

It’s never been harder to eat healthy! The hard part about eating healthy is shopping healthy. Healthy shopping is avoiding the processed foods and staying true to the foods that will deliver the most nutrition for the least amount of money.  Avoid foods that come in a box, a can, or a bag.  These are the foods that have gone through the processing required to stay on the shelf for long periods of time.  Buy foods that are still in their original shape; rice and beans, nuts and seeds, fruit and vegetables and you will always be at the top of your game and your highest energy.

Some ohealthy shoppingf the common traps American families are lured into are unhealthy drinks. Sodas, energy drinks, coffee drinks, sugary fruit drinks and alcohol flood our cells with toxic junk that bog down our immune system and every other bodily system.  The average person would never think of pouring any of these drinks into their dog’s bowl or their favorite house plant.  Why?  Because they know it would kill the plant or make their beloved pet sick.  They would never do such a thing.  Yet they pour these same drinks into their baby’s sippy cup and their spouse’s dinner glass.

What about chips?  There are so many varieties and brands of these high-fat, high-calorie snacks that there is an entire aisle at the grocery store devoted to them. The combination of unhealthy drinks and unhealthy snacks create obesity, acne and sluggish energy levels.  No wonder Americans turn to energy drinks just to get through the day!

junk food 3It’s no one’s fault.  American’s have been bombarded with advertising that makes these products seem like a natural part of life.  But processed foods are far from natural and have been linked to every form of diet-related diseases including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.


The answer is to learn a new way of choosing what goes into your shopping cart.  Do we choose the items that fill our cells with health and vitality and our skin, hair and eyes with beautiful sparkle, while also trimming our waist and firming our thighs?  Or do we choose what tastes good, what feeds our addictions to salt, sugar and caffeine and what we are familiar with? Making healthy shopping choices means trying foods that you are not familiar with and allowing yourself to enjoy new textures and flavors.  Think of it as an adventure or a challenge that you have to be very strong and brave to endure.  When you open your mind and your mouth to new things you will find that these whole foods are not nearly as “freaky” as you might have thought.  You might even grow to like them.  I know I have and millions of others have decided that these are the foods that make them healthy and happy in body, mind and spirit.


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