Heart Healthy Cookbooks

Be Good to Your Heart!

Seven Heart Healthy Cookbooks
Healthy Cooking Course

1-Healthy Kitchen Clean Out

2-Healthy Breakfast

3-Healthy Dinners

4-Healthy Breads

5-Healthy Protein

6-Healthy Desserts

7-Healthy Weight

Never buy processed food again!
Follow the Plan in our Heart Healthy Cookbooks!

Millions want to eat healthy
but don’t know how!

The Heart Association recommends the same diet that we teach,
a diet centered around whole foods
that spring from the ground.

This same diet not only prevents heart disease,
but cancer, diabetes and countless other diet-related diseases.

These seven projects make healthy eating
fun, quick, easy and happy!

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In each project below you will find:

Healthy Kitchen-a PDF cookbook download

-a playlist of cooking videos

-healthy shopping lists

-sources of cheap healthy whole foods

-healthy meals for the week

-recipes and tips

-food producer’s short-cuts

-planning worksheets


Healthy Breakfast Cookbook3 - Healthy Dinners4-
Healthy Protein

Healthy Desserts Cookbook.

Healthy Weight

Our seven projects will assist you on your journey towards a healthier diet whether you plan to be a strict vegan vegetarian with no animal products at all or simply hope to eliminate meat from a few meals a week.  Our specialty is cooking with whole grains and legumes. If you want to add meat you can always combine what you learn here with recipes from other wonderful websites to create a fun, cheap, healthy menu!


Heart Healthy Kitchen Plan– Rice and Beans

– Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds

– Fruit and Vegetables

– Herbs, Spices, Seasonings

– Fun and Cheap, Quick and Easy

– High Energy and Fitness

– Weight Loss and Lean Muscle



Seven Steps to a Healthy Diet

-Seven Projects

-Seven Video Playlists

-Seven eCookbooks


-Download the FREE ebook.

-Order one or more of our digital cookbooks.

-Watch the corresponding videos.

-Print the project pages you want to work on.

-Order the corresponding bulk foods.

-Start cooking!



Heart Healthy Cookbooks

by Teré Foster


Our Healthy Cooking Course is broken down into seven projects that we suggest you complete over a seven week period.  These are permanent changes that are made to your kitchen, your shopping lists and your meals for the week.  Each project is supported by a cookbook and several cooking videos that you can watch with your family to help get everyone in the household on board with the new lifestyle changes.

Start by making simple dietary changes that will reduce the cholesterol that causes strain on the heart.  The benefits of these changes are many.  An increased energy level may be the most exciting benefit that will help to jump-start your weight loss.  Losing excess weight also reduces the strain on your heart due to the fact that for every pound of fat there is an additional mile added to the journey that your blood has to make before getting back to the heart.

Changes like these may be difficult as it ‚Äúdisrupts‚ÄĚ the old habits and traditions that may not be serving us well in terms of our health and well-being, however the long-term results are well worth it as we realize that we are setting in motion habits and traditions that will be handed down for generation to come.

We base our diet choices¬†around¬†whole foods that spring from the ground because every plant on earth that produces food brings amazing health and healing to the body.¬†All¬†plant foods¬†are super-foods! Learn to cook your meals with these super-foods and you will gain energy, lose weight, reduce your food bill and prevent diet-related diseases. The best choice for a¬†“heart healthy” diet is a diet of plant foods and of course if it is good for your heart it is good for every cell¬†of your body! A diet of plant foods¬†reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

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