Heart Healthy Gathering

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!

The goal of a heart healthy gathering is to work together towards better health, happier hearts, better preparedness and greater sustainability for everyone involved.  As a group you can begin to work together towards these goals.

Step 1) GARDEN

Decide which one in your group has the best spot for a garden. If you have more than one, you may choose to plant half of your items in one and half in the other. Divide the cost of the seeds, the supplies, the tools, the cost of the water and the cost of renting a tiller. Some people will have more time than money to invest and some people will have more money than time. That’s okay.


Order the dry foods to set up My Whole Foods Kitchen in each home. Investing in food at this time of uncertainty is the wisest of all investments. Even if you have a lot of gold, if and when times of food shortages come to pass as predicted, there won’t be any food to buy with your gold. Food will always be valuable and will never go out of style. The cost of food has consistently increased for the last 50 years. It will continue to rise as gas and oil prices increase. And you can’t eat gold!


A cooking co-op can share appliances and pass it from family to family or gather together to use them at the same time. Wheat grinders, food dehydrators, chest freezers, hand blenders, solar ovens, outdoor grills, ice cream makers, water bath canner, pressure cookers, etc. I propose that you take an inventory of what everyone has and then work together to divide up the investments among those in your group for the appliances you don’t have yet.

There may be people in your group that have already gathered most of these items. If they are willing to share them with the group this can be a tremendous advantage for everyone involved. You can move ahead to the purchase of more advanced items such as a generator, a green house, a chicken coop, or a milk cow that can be boarded in a local stable. These items help to create a sustainable food source for everyone involved.


You may find that keeping a food production schedule is easier if you divide the tasks or meet to do them together. For instance, the production schedule suggests that you grind wheat on Wednesday because it starts with the letter “W”.

Why not have a few people from your group meet you on Wednesdays to grind enough wheat for more than one family? You can also mix up your dry mixes while you are together. If you are an elderly woman who lives alone, you can work with a group to help motivate them to be prepared for emergencies or to eat whole foods. You may not need much food for yourself, but you can gather with a few others who live alone and improve all of your lives simultaneously. Or if you live alone and have a neighbor who looks a little overwhelmed with so many to care for, why not invite her to be in your group and you offer to do some of the cooking for her growing family. So much of the time our later years are lacking the excitement of being needed. We can remedy so many social issues by gathering a group to work with and offering them our assistance


If you are interested in creating a Heart Healthy Gathering in your local neighborhood email us: tfoster@mywholefoodskitchen.com



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