Hemp Products

Hemp, Marijuana, and Cannibis are different words for the same kind of plant.

  • Hemp plant is used for industrial purposes to make rope, paper, and cloth.
  • Hemp oil is like salad oil taken from the seed, but has no CBD or THC.
  • CBD oil is taken from the hemp plant, not the seeds, has no "high," and reduces stress, inflammation, and illness.
  • THC is a mind-altering chemical in the marijuana leaf that interferes with communication between neurons.

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Industrial Hemp

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Hemp removes chemicals from soil.
Creates plastics without chemicals.

See HempFlax.com

  • Hempcrete
  • Hemp Wood
  • Hemp Insulation
  • Hemp Plexi-glass
  • Hemp Fiberglass
  • Hemp Bedding

Hemp paper can prevent the cutting of 4 billion trees per year.

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