How to Eat Healthy

How to Eat HealthyHow to Eat Healthy

The quickest, easiest, cheapest way to figure out how to eat healthy is to shop in your local farmers markets and stay far away from the grocery store. As much as Americans love to shop, we have to realize that the local grocery store with all of it’s exciting product packaging is not our friend.  How often have you gone into the store for one item and come out with 20?  That is the nature of the grocery marketing strategy and the reason for the epidemic rise in obesity.

Take the 30-Challenge: Go Raw! Eat raw foods for lunch and dinner for 30 days. You might just like the way you feel and make this a permanent change!

The usual lunch and dinner that Americans eat will fill us up with too many calories, too much meat and too many “carbs”, more than we can ever hope to burn in a day.  Unless our job requires extremely hard labor, the starches that Americans have been taught to call “side dishes” are actually packed with more calories than necessary for our average day of work and our “main dish” is usually too much to begin with.  Our portions are too big and our food choices are unhealthy. For this reason, we may find that side dishes at dinner time may become a thing of the past if we as an entire race plan to survive and thrive.

Starches, including bread, potatoes, rice or pasta are packed with high-calorie carbohydrates intended to fuel the human body to do extremely physical labor.  In past centuries when we lived in homes with no heating in cold climates we may have needed the stored fat to survive, but not anymore.  Most of us sit more than eight hours a day. All of us have heated homes and warm beds.  Many experts say that we must stay away from “starches” or “carbs” if we want to maintain a healthy weight.

Starving nations around the world survive on very small servings of rice, millet or other grain because they carry so much nutritional value in such a small, inexpensive serving. This is good news for them and bad news for we who live in affluent nations and have more calories than we can ever hope to burn in a day.

At the end of each day if we have taken in more than our bodies used for that day it will be stored as fat.  If we want to lose the stored fat we must eat less than we burn each day.  Starches may be appropriate for the first meal of the day when we have much to accomplish throughout the day, but never at night when all we plan to do is watch TV and go to sleep.


Humans are evolving.

For the first time in human history we can eat all we want without exerting any kind of hard labor. We now need less than 2000 calories a day to maintain health and far less than that if we hope to lose weight. But our parents and grandparents taught us to eat a “hearty breakfast” and to “clean our plates” at dinnertime. So now we have to be intelligent people who can see the need for a new philosophy to pass on to our children. We have to voluntarily eat less even though we have so much food available to us.  Or will we be like the lab rats who when given piles of food will eat until they die?

The Healthy Cooking Course will automatically lead you into an immune boosting diet that prevents illness and disease, as well as obesity and the depression that follows, because it is based upon Mother Nature’s original plan.  What is Mother Nature’s Plan for Abundant Energy and Perfect Weight? The answer is to eat foods that spring from the earth. The processed foods found in brightly colored boxes, bags, cans or bottles are the plan of marketing experts making “a killing” on our slow demise as a race headed for extinction. But that’s okay with them.  They will simply switch to selling medications that promise to reverse all the harm they have done.

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