How to Get Hired

1- We are in the spiritual niche, so learning and developing spirituality is a high priority for members of our sales team. Our new and unique spiritual coaching has never been shared until now.

2- Training for our coaches is free of charge.

3- Follow the link at the bottom of every page to fully understand our offer. Notice link below.

4- Train with our closers by joining zoom sales calls. You will be able to attend group collaboration calls until you are confident to lead a group call. This is the training we provide. 

5- When you are ready to lead a collaboration call without the help of the team, we will join your call to observe only.

6- Your job, as a member of the collaboration team, is to write collaborations. When you write three collaborations in a two week period, you’re hired!

7- This is our screening process. There are so many people around the world who want jobs. We believe only the people who are truly interested in our niche and are aligned with our vision will be compelled to complete these steps and take this job.


Set an Appointment for a Job Interview

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