Inka Kids Hunger Project

Eric Bwanakweli

Eric is a businessman in Rwanda who owns a restaurant. “Inka Plate” is the name of Eric’s restaurant that feeds 20 hungry kids in Rwanda. Eric has adopted a group of women and children who are in great need of food and medical care. Eric is the kind of social entrepreneur that we support.

This group of mothers live together and survive together. Fathers are not in the children’s lives. We hope to offer them education that will empower them in regards to family planning.

Hans brings food and supplies and most of all care and concern for them.

Hans is careful to offer meals that include protein such as hard boiled eggs. In this dish he has cooked banana over rice.

Women and children are fed nourishing meals that will help boost their immune systems and help them fight illness and disease.

The foundation of their diet is grains.

Child development is often stunted by the lack of protein in their diets. Hans hopes to help during their early development before the age of 10.



Your donations will help us provide online education, coaching, and financial support for these members and their projects.

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