Is Utopia Within Our Grasp?

Utopian Society

We believe the one word that characterizes a utopian society is "SHARE".

Poverty would be cured the instant the rich began to share of their over-abundance.

We believe that many individuals are spiritually prepared to share all they have with others who have the same intentions.

We believe that evolved individuals will come together to share in this workshop and find each other like long lost relatives.

We believe that many have evolved enough to work together to create their own little piece of heaven on earth.

When the pieces come together we will have the global transformation we are looking for.

Is Utopia within our Grasp?

"Utopia" has been defined as an unobtainable fantasy,
yet we see now that it is our only logical choice.

Combining cutting edge technology and construction with hydroponics and green houses we can create plant food in every home and eat from the source that was designed for our highest benefit.

There can be more than enough to feed everyone on planet earth if that was indeed our goal.

When the rich of the earth choose this as their goal we can build utopia from their over-abundance and wipe away every tear.

A Utopian Society

We believe that in a short amount of time we will see that every living soul has enough to eat, clothes to wear and shelter from the elements. It all starts with a shift in consciousness that first takes our focus inward then expands are focus outward. If we have enough to share then sharing is the right thing to do!

The greedy, selfish era of America is coming to an end as the rich begin to wake up and become conscious of the world around them.

The poor, too, are becoming conscious as they long for access to the income that leads to higher productivity and fulfillment.

No longer will the energy of the poor be poured out with little or no benefits coming back around, while the rich put out little or no energy with over-abundance coming back to them. The system will balance and correct itself as more people become conscious.

Utopian Communities:

We believe that many are already undergoing the inward spiritual transformation that leads to global transformation outwardly. As we evolve together we will long more and more for closer relationships with others of like values in a safe environment. Utopian communities will provide that safe place to interact.


We believe that intelligent planning, funding, designing and building of intentional communities will quietly and peacefully bring about the global transformation that many of us are hoping for. Many will jump at the chance to plan, design and build their own intentional community that implements their highest utopian ideals.


We believe that many wealthy land owners around the world will join the collaborations and be more than willing to use their land for intentional community projects to help eliminate poverty and inequality with no strings attached.


We believe that many unemployed or under employed skilled laborers in the construction industry will join the collaboration and would be more than willing to build intentional communities in exchange for the opportunity to live there in an all-expense-paid life for the rest of their lives.


We believe that small to mid-sized manufacturers of building materials and supplies will join the collaboration and would be more than willing to contribute to the building of intentional communities if their employees were given the option to live there as part of their compensation package.

From the "Love of Money" that has been called the root of all evil to the "Money of Love" that creates a Utopian Society.

"When everyone shares everything they have, everyone has everything they could ever want."

Poverty can be easily solved...

and inequality becomes a thing of the past...

when people SHARE.

Protection and Safety Issues

Many times in my life I have naively shared with others only to be taken advantage of with nothing gained in return but heart ache and a longing for a Utopian Society. Utopia is like a torus flowing out from you and back to you from every direction. In this flow everyone becomes equally rich, not equally poor.

We believe the only way to ensure the safety and security of those of us who want to freely share is to join with others who have the same sharing heart and mind. But how can we know another person's heart. We have to have a smart way to prevent the wolf in sheep's clothing from seeing "utopia" as an open door to take without giving.

In the past we have tried an open door policy to our sharing which led to emotional and financial losses that could have been avoided had each person been better SCREENED!

Poverty will come to an end the moment selfishness and greed comes to an end, one person at a time. However this transition will take longer for some than others. As people slowly complete the metamorphosis towards a utopian society their is a need for protection just as the butterfly must have the cocoon as she begins her transition. We believe that a gated community offers more protection and security than an open city where anyone can come and go without proper training, screening and commitment to the society.

Evidence of a Coming Utopian Society

This screen saver for Windows 8 is an assuring piece of historic evidence that we all look forward to a world where there is no more pain and suffering, no more smog and pollution, and no more poverty and wars used for power and control.

People want screen savers that make them happy. Happiness comes with the hope that there will be an end to such things. Windows, one of the largest "influencers" in the world today chose a screen saver of a green countryside with a clean and small, yet technically advanced community is enjoying all that life on earth can offer.

When you look at this picture you don't imagine greedy, selfish people, pushing and shoving to crush the competition. You know in your heart that this beautiful utopian society is kind to each other, sharing and giving and everyone has all they need.

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