-Joint Ventures



Designing a Human Habitat

Join us for open dialog and creative synergy with the intention of mapping out together a human habitat designed for well-being.

We will help you to understand contributionism and the steps to get there.

We will share the elements of the community that will support each element of well-being.

It's up to you to piece the elements together in a way that feels like home.

When we design our communities for well-being, we will solve world hunger, pollution, corruption, war and every other practice that prevents global well-being.

--Tere Foster,




Structure Your Venture Using Holacracy

As we make the journey towards an economy that doesn't rely on money, there will be many ways to structure new joint ventures between conscious investors and conscious creators.

We may use time banking, crypto currencies, digital currencies, barter and trade, and combinations and variations of each.

The purpose of any kind of currency is to facilitate an exchange of energy between two parties.  The currency ensures that both parties feel that they have received what they deserved.

In time, when everyone has plenty of everything, and people work together for the common good, these old school forms of exchange will quietly fade away.

The new and budding economic model and social structure let's go of the question, "What's in it for me?" and replaces it with "What do you need?"  "What can I do to make your dreams become a reality?"



Collaborative Living

Each community building project will look different because the members of the community are designing it.  However we offer some guidelines and suggestions to ensure that the community reaches the original goal to create well-being for every member of their new community.

We suggest that you include a center to support each of the elements of well-being.

A Contribution Center

A Self Care Center

An Empowerment Center

A Spirit Center

A Habitat Center

A Planning Center

A Distribution Center

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If you are interested in discussing a joint venture please let us know in the comment box below.

How can cooperation support the development of a community of well-being?

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