• 60 friend requests sent per day
  • 6 per 1 hour intervals


  1. Join High Ticket,Appointment Setting or Sales Professional Groups. Join FB groups that you can connect persons who are potential recruiting candidates. The criteria for the group is as follows, no less than 3000 members with 50 new members being added weekly,  must have good engagement, minimal to no spam.
  2. Click on the Members/People Tab and scroll down to “Members with things in common with things in common” (Sending friend requests to people you have things in common with will mostly avoid you from getting flagged by Facebook.
  3. Scope the person’s profile to ensure they are in one of the approved locations (USA,Canada,UK) some other countries such as Europe can be considered with the exception of Middle Eastern Countries as there may be a huge language barrier.
  4. Ensure their profile doesn’t have anything derogatory there as they will be required to use this account to communicate with sellers
  5. Once a profile fits the criteria, send a friend request.
  6. Then send the below message (Please wait for them to accept your friend request before sending the initial message as Facebook restrictions have changed)

Hey, thanks for accepting my friend request. I see we are a part of the same group *insert the group name here* We are currently hiring Appointment Setters to help sell our high ticket offers. Are you open to talking about work?

Ok cool. You will be using Facebook groups to find qualified leads and we will train you how to tap into unlimited leads using groups.

A minimum of  20 hours is required to be successful within this position.

This is a fully remote position which gives you the flexibility of working from home. Are you open to joining our next interview?

 After they respond with interest send them the below

Thanks for responding. Do you mind telling me where you are located?

Ok. We  hold a group call first that explains job roles, requirements, and compensation plan, and then after that, immediate placement for on the job training if you like the position and are interested in moving forward. We’re looking for individuals that are self motivated & consistent. The position requires around 20 hours per week to be successful. Would you say this is something you would like to learn more about?

Awesome. Here is the link to register for the group interview.

Please fill out the short form, and select your preferred date. Also, please make sure to download the Webby application, and add it to your calendar so you don’t forget. You will also receive a confirmation email with the webinar code to join the call. We look forward to seeing you there!

For attendance purposes, I do need your confirmation that  you registered and will be able to make it to the group interview. Can you confirm this?

After they join the call and wish to move forward

Thank you for taking the first step and joining the webinar.

Next step is where you will be added to the team for on the job training.
Before we add you we do require that you sign an independent contractor agreement.
May I please have your best email to send the agreement to?

VA Please Create a free account on RabbitSign  to accommodate sending the agreements. Create a template so you won’t need to upload the agreement each time.
Link to contract: Independent Contractor Agreement- Bot Fox  (Download the pdf version to upload to Rabbit Sign

Once candidates have signed the agreement.

Welcome them to the team via the main chat with a message for eg

Good Day team! Please welcome our newest member/s  @eeeeee and @xxxxxx.
E and X please see your dm for the onboarding document to get started.
Best of Luck!

Manager takes over from here………..

G- 260247763