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This group is for people who are hoping to expand their business contacts and make more money. Members of this group may have something to sell or have a business opportunity to share with the group. Please be supportive at this time when everyone could use a little support from his fellow man. We hope this group will work together as people who want to help others succeed and better meet their essential needs.

Since this is a global network, we have no idea what kind of financial need a member of this group may be in. Ask questions and get involved. Compassion goes beyond empathy, because it compels you to get involved to improve the situation, when possible.

If you are good at business, offer suggestions that may improve a person’s financial well-being. If you have a job to offer, interview the member through our zoom network. If you have a project that could bring in money, post it here and see who might help you get it off the ground.


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