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About Food for Well-Being

Mission: Greater Health and Well-Being through Food

Short-Term Objectives:

  1. Take the stress out of meal time.
  2. Teach people how to cook with whole foods plant protein for every meal.
  3. Provide whole foods that are packaged in meal-sized portions, with recipes and spice packets that go with each whole food.
  4. Offer a simple meal plan for the week that helps individuals and families make the transition to a healthy diet.
  5. Bridge the gap between vegans, gluten free and meat eaters by providing side dishes that everyone loves.
  6. Encourage cooking at home rather than relying on store-bought processed foods or fast foods.
  7. Offer a source of food that will re-direct the monthly food budget away from the global food supply chain to a direct-from-farmer plan.
  8. Offer a meal plan and cooking method that will completely eliminate trash going to our landfills.
  9. Improve emergency preparedness by providing complete meal plans that store for long periods of time.
  10. Reduce or eliminate the needless slaughter of millions of animals simply by helping people to choose something else to eat.

Long-Term Objectives:

  1. Help reduce or eliminate purchases that have a negative impact on the environment, the economy and overall health and well-being of the individual.
  2. Help reduce or eliminate meat and dairy consumption.
  3. Contribute to the prosperity of individual farmers in developing nations.
  4. Support individual organic farmers in the USA.


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