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Alpha Male Strategies are Toxic

During our research about toxic masculinity we found a youtube channel Alpha Male Strategies (AMS) that teaches dating strategies for single males. This very likable leader represents a mindset that is common in today’s society. It has nothing to do with race or gender, but everything to do with survival. He has adjusted his behavior in response to the harmful world he lives in.

Our heart goes out to any man who is caught up in the eternal struggle for alpha dominance, because no matter how much they dominate, they will never get their essential needs met. They will live in perpetual emotional deprivation and so will everyone in their care.

We all find ourselves in transition to some degree from the old school masculine mindset to the more enlightened and evolved masculine role. Let’s take a brief look at the alpha male strategies this youtube channel offers. He seems to be sincerely trying to figure it out so that it works out well for himself and the women he dates.


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