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Arc7 Courses

Arc7 Vision-Based Courses are designed to heal and equip our mentors
to fill crucial roles in Arc7 Projects.

Each project needs a powerful team of highly evolved manifestors to make it happen.

Become a Mentor!

The courses on this website are part of the on-boarding process for people who have a desire to join one of the Arc7 projects. We are reaching out to young people who have the flexibility to live life a whole new way. We offer them hope and a choice to reach for personal well-being by reaching for global well-being.  We can all reach for both at the same time using the Arc7 plan to build Advanced Rescue Communities.

Those who get involved in the early stages of this vision will be part of a think tank that plans, designs, builds, co-owns, and operates communities for the benefit of humanity. A portion of Arc7 Advanced Rescue Communities will be designated as an orphanage that will gather children who are in great need around the world. Arc7 will not only offer medical/dental, food and water to merely keep them alive, but also shelter, clothing, education, training, and healing to produce a new generation of healthy children who do not carry the cycle of trauma within them.  Instead of dying on the vine, they will contribute bountiful fruit for the betterment of humanity through long-term involvement with Arc7 Advanced Rescue Communities.

1- Our courses are specifically formulated for people who dream of building Arc7 Arcologies.
2- The courses below are the on-boarding process for the 7 teams of Arc7.
3- Courses will prepare you to play a role in Arc7 projects that will improve quality of life for people in need nearby and around the world.
4- At the same time they will help you to ascend to highest well-being in your own life.

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