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Arc7: The Game – Gamify Your Ascension

A Spiritual Journey through 7 Elements of Highest Well-Being

Gamers often dream of a way to make real life as interesting and motivating as a computer game.  In real life we work hard and receive little or no reward, but in a video game we find addicting ways to gain skills and level up.  This website has put together enough exciting materials to keep you busy learning and growing towards ascension for the rest of your life.  But we want more than that!  We want our learning program to be almost as motivating and enticing as a computer game!  What makes a game so good?  Let’s make sure we have that.

  1. A Solid Backstory
  2. A Long Term Quest
  3. Short-Term Goals
  4. Challenging Progression
  5. Interesting and Original Content
  6. Plenty of Rewards
  7. Good Instructions, Tutorial


The Game Backstory

Must read!

1. A Solid Story

All the world systems have been corrupted by an evil alien race who have taken Earth captive.  They have caused a dark slumber to come over the hearts and minds of the people.  Many have become selfish and dominating. Earth has become a dark and dreary place where millions are trapped without food, water, or love.

Meanwhile, a benevolent galactic race is watching this from a distant planet. They can no longer stand by to allow this evil agenda to continue millennia after millenia.  They intend to outsmart the evil alien race, take them away in chains, awaken the people with light, and inspire them to bring relief to the suffering around the world.

Their elaborate secret plan was to “download” an altruistic solution into the hearts and minds of every creature on Earth who will listen.  Like an orchestra, they will all be ready and waiting to take action the moment the conductor gives the signal to start the music.

Members of this benevolent galactic race have been visiting individuals on earth to encourage them along the path to develop their piece of the puzzle. Without saying a word out loud for the evil aliens to hear, this benevolent race has directed millions of people of Earth to develop their gifts and talents for the common good.  Now the time has come to bring their puzzle pieces together to build advanced human habitats that will solve all top 7 global concerns; 1-poverty, 2-disease, 3-illiteracy, 4-inequality, 5-abuse, 6-domination of others, and 7-destruction of the planet.

“Arc7;  Automated Rescue Communities” will be designed to include  7 Centers to eradicate the top 7 global concerns;  1-automated production of basic needs, 2-a health center, 3-a learning center, 4-a spirit center, 5-a family center, 6-a self-governance center, and 7-a sustainability center.

Like bees in a hive or fish in a school, humans will thrive in this environment and ascend to highest well-being because this is how humans were intended to live! In this environment every individual will feel as though they have “come home.” They will live in harmony with all creatures, and be filled with love to pour out like water onto a dry and thirsty world.

Knowing that love and cooperation would empower people, the evil alien race did everything they could to disrupt it. They separated each individual family into dwelling places where there was no support centers to activate their gifts.  They taught them the dark arts of competition and domination instead.  Many humans thrived in that dark game and were able to dominate the entire planet, inflicting pain and suffering on everyone. They pushed each human on earth into a state of “survival mode.”  They knew as long as each person was suffering they would not be able to think clearly enough to stand against their evil plans.

Watching nearby, the benevolent galactic race began whispering secret skills into the hearts and minds of people around the world.  These skills made them happy in the midst of the evil plan of suffering, empowering them to resist the darkness. They soon awoke from their slumber.  Those who tuned their heart receptors to this higher frequency heard messages in their hearts and minds that set them free.

2. A Long-Term Quest

Although a piece of the puzzle makes little or no sense by itself, it will make perfect sense when placed into the larger puzzle.  Those on earth who have a piece of the puzzle are searching for “the gathering”; a place where they can bring the pieces of the puzzle together.

Forming a think tank, “the gathering” of people who have received pieces of the puzzle will plan, design, raise funds, and build Arc7 in the poorest places in the world. When they do, it will permanently stop the corruption there.  Arc7 will stand as a beam of light in the darkest places in the world.

When you work on Arc7 with them it will bring relief to your soul and will also help you to reach your highest potential.  ‘The gathering” will happen online first, then in person.

3. Short-Term Goals

There is no time for you to go to years and years of college to learn a special skill.  The team needs you right now!  This think tank is already gathering.  You must volunteer the gifts and skills you already have.  You must believe that an important piece of the puzzle has already been “downloaded” into your heart and mind that only you can do.  You must search your soul, find your voice, use your skills, and live out the life purpose you were born to live.  It can’t be done without you!  If one piece is missing, the puzzle will not be complete.

4. Challenging Progress

You set your intentions to do good but it’s hard to find a good team who will stand with you against the dark army that is scorching the earth, polluting the oceans, melting the polar ice caps, and crushing the soul of humanity.  Most of the people you are close to are discouraged and hopeless, or asleep.  They can’t see any meaning or purpose for life.  They just spin around the hamster wheel in “survival mode.” They can’t find the time to help you with your quest.

5. Interesting and Original Content to Explore

Every time you play Arc7 you come closer and closer to discovering and developing your life purpose, finding your highest well-being, setting goals for greatest achievement, and experiencing lasting happiness in real life.  Over 1000 youtube videos from masters around the world will quickly teach you their piece of the puzzle.

6. Plenty of Rewards

The rewards begin when you first create an account.  You will be given 1000 points for registering. These points will work towards your certification and make you eligible for position on a team.  The more you explore, the more points you earn.


7. Good Instructions, Tutorial

Read “How to Play” to know how to get started and where to go first.

Altruistic Reasons to Play 

You may question why you need to gamify your spiritual growth for points, especially if you are making enough money in the real world and are making progress in your spiritual life. The reason then becomes altruistic.  Your participation may make it possible for others who live in poverty, both financial and spiritual, to enjoy guidance that they need, but could never afford. The game you play awards them points , or items, such as a used bicycle or a used phone that would improve quality of life.  Your participation may also offer someone starting a business a chance to gain your endorsement and gain much needed experience, by offering their services to you for points until they can find clients who will pay money.  It may even help the reintegration of men and women who have been incarcerated.  Can you think of other ways you can improve the lives of others by buying their goods and services with points?

How to Play


  1. Create a free account.  One for each person in the family.
  2. Immediately gain 1000 points to start.
  3. Use your points to buy entrance into the 7 dimensions.
  4. Go through the 7 Dimensions in any order.
  5. Get a certificate of completion for each dimension.
  6. Get a certificate of completion for all 7 dimensions.
  7. Now you are certified to join a project in real life.


7 Dimensions

When you enter the game, you will have 7 Dimensions to get familiar with.  You can pass through them in any order.  You must travel through all of them to finish the game.

In Real Life

This learning experience is designed to take to you to the highest version of yourself, to help develop your life purpose, and to plug you into projects in real life that will make you the happiest in real life.  We call the process “Ascension.”  It is designed to motivate your real life to be everything you hope for.  Whatever you learn or decide in the game will reflect what takes place in your real life.

A Life Challenge

In this game you are your true self as you are reaching for your highest self.  When you are asked survey questions about your life, your answers must always be referring to your REAL LIFE.  Because this game is designed to overcome challenges, to energize your soul, and help you to find your tribe, you must speak the truth and only the truth about the things you are really going through.  You are to identify one life challenge and apply your energy to overcome it.


As you travel to a dimension, you will find team of mentors who are dedicated to providing support for all explorers who are passing through.  They are thrilled to have any visitors in their dimension.  It makes them feel like their lives have a purpose.  The more questions for them the better.

During the game we will have live telephone contact with your mentor as part of the learning program. Even if you use a nickname in the game that is not your real name, you will still be expected to authentically portray the person you really are, the one who will one day come to our retreats and meetups.  You will be eliminated from the game if you make up facts about yourself that are not true, or if you portray yourself as a different person.

3 Projects in Each Dimension

In each dimension you will have 3 projects to join.  The projects are designed to make life better for you and for all the explorers in the game in real life.  Each project is a membership organization that needs your support and ideas.  That’s a total of 21 support organizations that you will join by the time you are done with the game.

Life Purpose

By the time you have gone through the 7 dimensions and joined all three projects in each dimension, you will start to notice that you feel like you have something to offer.  You will want to be more than just a member of one of the projects.  One of the projects might call out to you to be your life purpose.  It may be hard to choose one because they are all meaningful to our lives.  But there might be one project where you can make the most impact using your gifts and talents.  Once you identify your life purpose, go back to that project and learn everything that has already been collected about that topic.  Then see if you can add anything that may be missing.  Let your mentor know that you have gained clarity about your life purpose.



How to Travel

Buttons Hidden in Masthead

There are two methods to transport from one dimension to another.  The easiest way is to use the seven buttons hidden in the masthead across the top of every page.  Notice they are color coded to match the 7 chakras and labeled with the 7 dimensions of life. This will help you understand what you will find when you click that button.

Exploration Map

The second method to travel is by using the Exploration Map where you can view the entire landscape and navigate directly to a skill in a specific dimension. You will be given the map after you enter the game.

The Point System

Earn More Points Fast

It is very easy to earn points by watching videos.  They award you 10 points every 30 seconds of viewing time.  Our video collection hones your skills and teaches you a new paradigm.  The video collection is divided into the 7 dimensions.


Buy and Sell With Your Points

If you have things you don’t need anymore, you can allow your fellow explorers to buy it with their extra points.  You can also sell services, such as web design or social media marketing, for points.

You can also hire help for your new business or get a life coach to help you develop your life purpose in real life, using your points!  These are amazing life-changing benefits in real life for playing Arc7.

1. Multi-player Cooperation – Choose Your Team

You may not be able to find people close to you who will help you with your quest because they have fallen under the slumber of the evil aliens. However, you will be able to find many people online who are experiencing the same desperate need to bring their puzzle pieces together.  They are looking for someone like you to confirm to them that they are not alone.  Your first assignment is to join at least one of the 7 teams.  Each team has a different focus that requires that you learn different aspects of the secret benevolent plan.  If you look in the main menu you will see “Choose Your Team.”  Go to this page to explore the focus of each team to decide which team you will join.  This team will be your family until members of your actual family awaken and join your quest.

2. Choose a project

Every team has one global concern that they are focused on. Every team has three projects that will address that global concern.  When the team comes together as a whole, and all the pieces of the puzzle come together as one, they will be ready to address all 7 global concerns with one system; Arc7.  Your job is to pick one of the three projects and sign up for that certification.  Sign up for the certification and get familiar with the part of the plan that you will be working on.  Then you will see exactly how your piece fits into the puzzle.

All 7 certifications will start with the same basic plan and teach you how to conduct yourself when you join a project think tank.

3. Skills to Acquire: Learn the Plan

Survival skills will be imparted to you by a mentor.  Your mentor will also impart to you the secret benevolent plan.  This happens during the certification process.  Once certified, you will be able to train and certify others.

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