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Immigration and World Poverty

2020 Vision: Build Arc7 Nearby and Around the World

We believe there are 7 industries that should never make a profit, but must operate for the sole purpose of maintaining the well-being of the people they serve. “Non-Profit” Arcologies are planned, funded, designed and built by those who intend to live in them. This is part of the Global Well-Being 2020 Vision.

Each of the Seven Dimensions of Life are supported
Survival, Body, Mind, Spirit, Family, Community, Humanity.

7 Centers within a self-contained and self-sustaining not-for-profit arcology that will address all 7 global concerns simultaneously and permanently.

We are equipping teams that will be able to travel and help build.

We are equipping teams that will support from home by helping people go through the certification online.

To effectively address poverty, we must help where poverty exists.  We must not move the brightest and healthiest leaders away from their homes where they can do the most good for their fellow man.  We must offer them a better life right where they are.

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