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Meditation is a Coping Skills

Meditation helps you to slooowwwww dooowwwwnnnnn. It allows you enough time to BREATHE IN AND OUT several times, taking very long and slow breaths through your nose.

When you are stressed, the meditation is an essential coping skill.

Stress causes adrenaline to pump through your body. Adrenaline diverts your brain power from the front of your brain. We need the front part of our brains to work well is we want to make responsible, mature decisions. But instead, during stress, we switch to use the back of our brains, where our animal instincts are stored. This is very useful when you are being chased by a wild animal, because you will suddenly run faster, and climb a tree to safety before you realize what you have done. The back of your brain took control of your body and saved your life.

But when there is no danger from a wild animal, but we are only in a modern stress such as an argument with another person, it often happens that the back of our brains take over. In this case, we do things that will not solve the argument, but will make it worse, and worse, and worse.

If we are going to be stable people who can solve problems during stress, we must learn how to take control of our actions. We must take control with the front of our brains. When you breathe slowly, you will stop the adrenaline from flowing and you will restore your ability to make rational decisions with the front part of your intelligent brain.

Try This During Stress

Breathe deep.

Tune into your frontal lobe where higher intelligence can be found.

The frontal lobe of the brain contains your “pineal gland”, commonly referred to as your “third eye”. When you are strongly focused on your frontal lobe, you will be ready to take the highest and best action in every situation.

The highest and best action will always be grounded in A-R-C ASCENSION RESPECT and COMPASSION. This action will put you on a new path towards a solution.



A- Ascension

R- Respect

C- Compassion

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