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Plan with a Guide


Talking to someone about your goals can be very helpful. Sometimes all we really need is someone we can talk to that will listen and care!

Your guide will review your seven dimensions and discuss a plan that will help you reach for highest well-being. Your guide will listen to your dreams and help you map them out into simple goals and steps.

Our guides have completed the seven levels and are what we call “solutionaries.” This one-to-one contact with someone who cares will help you reach highest well-being.

When you complete the seven levels, you will be a guide that helps new members of ARC7 make a plan. We ask each solutionary to help 10 new members to complete their certification. When you are certified, you can get paid to be a life coach or spiritual guide if that is what you want to do.

Are you ready to plan your path with a guide?


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