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Self-Heal Complex PTSD

1- Human Interaction Can Be Painful

Every human encounter is a potential source to fill the hunger in our souls. Yet every encounter that disappoints becomes a great source of pain. What this means is we never know if the next human interaction will help to fill our Essential Human Needs or help to further damage our wounds. Without training, most people end up being a source of further damage. They just don’t know what they are doing or how to be an asset to others.

2- Repeated Pain Causes Complex PTSD

With so many people in this world completely oblivious to the needs of others, the odds are stacked against us that anyone will ever meet our Essential Human Needs. We think they will, but they won’t. They don’t know how. So instead of being a source of healing, they are a source of pain. This pain builds up and causes our brains to interpret everyone and everything as a potential source of pain. This is mostly accurate. The threat detection portion of the brain begins to overreact to any minor encounter in often embarrassing symptoms.

3- Prolonged Emotional Starvation

Prolonged emotional starvation results in a disorder called Complex PTSD. The fight or flight response is over-active. You may interpret this hyper-vigilance to be a personality type when in fact it is a result of the damage done to your brain after prolonged starvation for Essential Human Contact. This hyper-vigilance prevents you from making human connection as your brain resists the love that it is so desperately searching for.

4- Generational PTSD

This brain damage can be passed down through the genes to your children, meaning the next generation is born hyper-vigilant like you without having the history of trauma.  Each generation becomes more resistant to connection with other people, even though they need it so badly.

5- Global PTSD

With so many people resisting connection, they cause each other a great deal of repeated injury, rejecting others for no apparent reason. Bullies at school may have a genetic predisposition to reject others without knowing why. This begins a domino effect that spreads like wildfire. Children are damaged at home. They damage others at school. And like a virus it spreads. Human connection becomes more and more difficult and the whole world begins to suffer with symptoms of emotional deprivation. Emotional deprivation is another name for complex PTSD.


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