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We All Have Abilities!

We estimate that the ability of 25% of the general population to take care of their own needs without assistance is severely limited by a wide spectrum of disabilities. ARC7 is committed to find resources and connect these resources with the individuals who need them most; disabled veterans, people in wheelchairs or who walk with a cane, people who are blind or deaf, people who have a developmental disability, people who have chronic pain or mental illness, people who are plagued by addictions and people with invisible disabilities.  That includes all of us! 

These limitations befall one person at a time, limiting our ability to survive and thrive. There is only one way for the disability community to rise up out of “survival mode” and into empowerment and abundance;  we must gather and work together for the common good.  Through oneness of purpose we can work together to overcome whatever comes to limit or block the ability to survive and thrive. This same 25% of people who are impacted by disabilities are often gifted and talented people with much to offer the general population if they were given the opportunity.  Unfortunately, the mainstream world is not designed to accommodate people with disabilities.

Too often people with disabilities are targeted with a stigma, and we seldom have the privilege of experiencing their gifts. ARC7 celebrates the abilities of all people, because we all have abilities to share.

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