Life Coach Certification

Are you evolving?
Connecting Body, Mind, and Spirit?

Do you have gifts?
Changing the world in a positive way?

Do you dream of a tribe?
Gathering the conscious community?


Get Certified in 8 Weeks!

Are you a teacher, artist, healer, lifestyle coach, spiritual guru, or mentor in the conscious community? Would you enjoy a life coach career helping others reach their goals? Are you willing to learn a whole new brand of coaching to add your own approach?

Life Transformation

Our goal is to co-create a more loving human environment where we can live, work, and raise a family in peace. To do this we must all be trained to be more peaceful! Parents, teachers, coaches, and anyone else in positions of influence should be trained in effective life coaching.

We make the world a better place and ignite the passion for restoring tribal connection in the modern world. Through our life coaching courses we teach compassion. Through our social learning network we bring people together for a greater sense of connection.

Changing the world starts first by healing your own heart and mind, and finding your true life purpose. Then you will be able to do the same for others like you who have a tremendous amount of passion and un-tapped potential. In other words, we walk with you until you can walk with others. We teach you until you are able to teach others. We believe in you until you can believe in others. We support you as you support others.

A Social Learning Network

for the Social Learner

Are you a social learner? Do you learn better in a social setting? Our social learning network provides training and social interaction at the same time.

We are a nonprofit organization…

changing the world with our free online courses and our lifestyle coach training. You can be a lifestyle coach by enrolling in our life coaching institute:

We are reaching for Highest Well-Being and Global Well-Being at the same time.

Connection is Crucial

In the wild, when an animal is separated from the pack or the herd it becomes easy prey.  Survival depends upon being part of a herd, a group, or a pack.  Highest well-being cannot be achieved alone. A crucial component of human well-being is to be part of a unified tribe that is involved in complex cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation. This is what makes us feel connected.

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ARC7 Vision for Orphanages

The Vision of ARC7 Arcology Think Tank

ARC7 Vision – Self-Supporting, Self-Sustaining Cooperative Living.

We believe that the path to highest well-being and global well-being is one and the same. Highest Well-Being is focused on individual survival and improving quality of our lives. Global Well-Being is focused on humanity’s survival and improving the future of our species. Can you seriously try to do one without the other? – We re-imagine the future of planet Earth with an orphanage proposal that includes career and business development, self-help, entrepreneurship, social networking, spiritual ascension, youth empowerment, combined into one global plan: ARC7 Arcology.

We are looking for professionals who would like to be on the advisory board. We also offer on-boarding courses for people who want to participate in the Global Well-Being Think Tank or be on the board of directors of

Our think tank will address seven specific global issues that impact our personal lives on a daily basis and find local ways to address them through the building of ARC7.

We are gathering people for a weekly zoom meetup on Mondays at 7pm CST (chicago).

Here is the link: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 727 3522 1429
Passcode: 50046

G- 260247763