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Books are a transformation vehicle with the power to change lives and change a reader's mindset.  They can also be a "hook" that lets the reader know they want to work more with you and your company.  Lifestyle Entrepreneurs, founded by Jesse Krieger, offers a hybrid approach that lands somewhere between self-publishing and traditional publishing, but in our opinion much better than either of those paths.  Amazon offers self-publishers a way to market all forms of your book through kindle, audible, acx, create space and just in time printing services, but they don't help you with marketing and sales.

Request a publishing consultation with Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press.  They work with the self-publisher to get a book from rough draft to bestseller. They help make writers into entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs into bestselling authors.

Jesse Krieger

Publishing Your Book

5 Top Mistakes Writers Make

Fastest Path to Cash

Traditional Publishing

Book Proposal - 40-50 page business plan about the book hoping a publisher will like the idea and pay you to write it. The traditional publisher takes 80-90% of sales and takes control of your book.

Proposal must include:


-Info about yourself

-Info about your book


-Sample chapters

-Market Research

-Potential Readership Size

After spending efforts creating your proposal, you now begin the process of finding a literary agent who sees your value.  At that point s/he will look for a publishing deal for you and will take 15% of your advance from the publisher.  You now can write your book.

Self Publishing

Write Your Book - Spend your time doing what you love, then spend your own money on DYI book production.  Keep %100 of profits. - editors - book cover design contests

Amazon - tools to self publish

-KDP- Kindle - ebooks

-Create Space - paperbacks - audio book
-Audible - audio books

-Just-in-time Printing - as needed

-DYI Marketing - crowdfunding platforms

-Social media, youtube

You have written your book and familiarized the world with your branding.  You are making money and gained "author" status.


Hybrid of Both Traditional and Self Publishing

-Write your book.

-Don't hold back.

-Say what you mean.

-Write and re-write.

-Speak to one person.

-Don't worry who doesn't like it.

-Focus on the one who likes it.

-Get help when you need it.

5 Top Mistakes

Instead, write first, edit later.

2-Not writing authentically.
Instead, write what you really want to say.

3-Starting from page 1.
Instead, start from your favorite part.

4-Holding back the full picture to spread it over many books.
Instead, give it all to them, then write more.

5-Leading readers into a dead end.
Instead, end with a next step.

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