Teach Reading Online

Enjoy these fun and educational phonics and reading games to play with your kids if you’re coping with a school closure. Teachers can host these games on Zoom web conferencing platform and kids can play each other at the same time. OR, challenge kids to get the highest score on the Leaderboard at any time on their own (asynchronous learning).

Day 1 — Streamlined Routine for Teaching Reading Online https://youtu.be/0V8ZaL7t_qQ

Day 2 — How to Teach Reading Online https://youtu.be/H2CQNAmBum4

Day 3 — Outside the Box Ways to Instruct Your Students From Afar https://youtu.be/rzdeOaImQmk

Day 4 — 5 Proven Ways for Parents to Support Their Child’s Reading https://youtu.be/guMh3ZRTme0

Day 5 — 7 Online Phonics / Reading Games to Play with Your Students

Day 6 — Example 1st Time Tutoring Session Using Zoom https://youtu.be/Y-04GjkH4R4

Day 7 — 7 Online Phonics / Reading https://youtu.be/Y-Og5MFQVPk

Teaching Possibilities with Zoom! — https://youtu.be/Gt5FtkpJgmo

Using Loom Software to Give Instructions or Feedback to Students https://youtu.be/8hrsocoHbC8

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