Live Sustainably

Experts from around the world are welcome to try their innovations in exchange for life in the arcology. Well-researched methods of sustainable abundance, sanitation, biofuels, solar power, water-gas home energy generators, green house gardening, self-sustaining and productive buildings, and all cutting edge technology will be recruited.  Experts in sustainability and sustainable business are welcome to help create a plan for environmental protection, social responsibility, and profitability in exchange for living in the arcology. We challenge the bright minds of the world to create a plan that fully supports all seven elements of well-being.

Using your own time and skills you will help others in the community survive and thrive. Both the poor and the rich must be humanitarians who care about the welfare of others as much as their own. When each person has the option to provide labor, skills, experience, materials and products rather than paying money for their place in the arcology, every man and woman is on an equal playing field. When you commit to give “whatever it takes” to build and maintain the community you will have a place in the community as long as you desire. Your commitment earns you stewardship over the amount of land you need as you create a self-sustaining lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

We first focus on improving the lives of local unemployed, under employed and those that are homeless due to employment situations.  This segment of the population is hard hit by the capitalist economy and are the evidence of the flaws of the system.  Our strategy is to gather and screen unemployed roofers, plumbers, electricians, architects, landscapers, heavy equipment drivers, project managers, masons, alternative energy experts, farmers, ranchers, gardeners, managers, planners, and others to build the arcology in exchange for living at there.  We balance these hours of labor with money from humanitarian investors who would like to retire in a not-for-profit arcology. The volunteer labor reduces the cost of building the arcology, and the cash investment covers the cost of materials. This unity of rich and poor creates a new economic system and a new social structure that will make everyone in the arcology equally rich.

Planning and designing done by consensus.


Community Design

With 100 “spots” in the community for multi-generational families, we can bring in all the professionals needed to design a conservative use of resources.


How important is it to promote environmental protection, social responsibility, and profitability within an arcology?

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