LiveHOPE Festival

Worldwide Broadcast


Standing Rock, North Dakota

Ethiopia, African Union

Puerto Rico

September 19th, 2020!

Broadcast from many locations around the world simultaneously.

About LiveHOPE

WE THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH send this “Open Invitation” to artists to join 2 billion people to restore Mother Earth, the climate & our environment. Stand with the 1,000 indigenous nations, 900 cities, & 7,000 schools that have declared emergencies to save our planet.

LiveHOPE is the LiveAID of the 21st century.

WE THE PEOPLE OF PLANET EARTH cannot hope for our political leaders to take action on these emergencies; we have to do it ourselves.
LiveHOPE is a grassroots & indigenous people led initiative to implement the Earth Restoration Plan (aka “Tree of Life Blueprint”) to restore the climate and our environment, while simultaneously ending global poverty in our lifetime.

The plan came in the form of a dream in 2013 to one of the founders of the LiveHope Festival; in the dream, a thundering voice from the sky asked him to replant the “Tree of Life”, which gave rise to a two-in-one solution. This two-in-one solution, we call the Earth Restoration Plan (aka “Tree of Life Blueprint”); once it is fully implemented, can restore Earth’s entire ecosystem, while simultaneously end global poverty.

About LiveHOPE


The LiveHOPE Festival will have a series of globally broadcasted regular conferences and TED TALKS styled conferences called TEDx LiveHOPE, focused on solutions for restoring the climate, and for U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and our Enhanced Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”).We expect a potential global viewing audience of 2 billion people and the conferences will be structured according to the categories below:

LiveHope’s Climate (R)evolution Conference is the world’s largest televised climate restoration conference. The conference will present solutions, advances in science, practices, policies, and implement strategies to restore the climate, the environment, and biodiversity. Across the globe, centuries of unsustainable activities have damaged the climate, aquatic, marine, and terrestrial environments that underpin our economies and societies and give rise to a diversity of wildlife and plants.

Climate change and ecological destruction are still accelerating, despite the Paris accord, in a political and economic context shaped by the recent eruptions in anti-science populism. We cannot depend on the political will of politicians alone to solve these emergencies.

One of the biggest action to restore the climate at LiveHOPE is a campaign to mobilize people to Plant 2 Trillion Peace Trees. The 2 Trillion Trees can remove 2 Trillion tons of greenhouse gases by the time the trees reaches 40 years old, and restore balance to our biosphere and ecosystems.

Ending our dependence on fossil fuels to prevent further damage to our climate and ecosystems cannot reverse the changes we have already made or guarantee a habitable planet. That is why we implementing strategies to restore the climate and our environment. The process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or destroyed needs to cooperative efforts of scientists, researchers, academia, organizations, and governments.

We want to make sure that we have a healthy future for humanity. Our children and future generations deserve to live on a healthy planet. Since we live in an interconnected world, here are some related SDGs:

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