Lunch and Learn Ideas



Lunch and Learn Ideas:
Heart Healthy Gatherings

  • Offer your employees a Lunch and Learn where together you have a chance to taste.
  • The second is to help your employees create a diet plan based upon plant protein.
  • A light-hearted party environment provides a safe place to try new things.
  • Eating less animal protein improves health, reduces the need for sick days, visits to the physician and hospitalization.
  • The third purpose of a Lunch and Learn is to learn how to make complete plant protein by combining whole foods.
  • The fourth purpose of a Lunch and Learn is to earn the completion certificate and earn points towards free stuff!
  • The fourth purpose of a Lunch and Learn is to recruit new members to join the club to cook together, watch videos together and encourage each other to live a healthy lifestyle.

Call now!

If we don’t have a representative in your local area we will train one.  If you have someone on your staff that would enjoy leading a Vegan Lunch and Learn we will provide the training and materials he/she will need to share our Vegan Lunch and Learn Ideas. Call 262-232-3196

How Many People?

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