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December, 2013

"When our communication supports compassionate giving and receiving, happiness replaces violence and grieving" - Marshall Rosenberg

What kind of world do you want to live in?

Can you imagine what it would it feel like to live in a world where cultural differences are bridged by a shared understanding of our inter-connectedness? At the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) we long for connection and collaboration with people around the globe, people just like you, who share our passion for peaceful, life-serving resolution of conflicts.

We are reaching out to you to invite connection and partnership, to share some CNVC celebrations from 2013 with you and to extend the opportunity to share in the joy and pleasure of giving. The response to our past annual letters has always been supportive and generous, and we want you to know we are grateful for you and our entire community.

2013 has been a transformational, landmark year for CNVC


CNVC Trainer Certification Program

There are more people becoming CNVC Certified Trainers than ever before!
47 new CNVC Certified Trainers in 2013
368 total active CNVC Certified Trainers, from 34 countries
247 total CNVC Certification Candidates from 32 countries
Find information on the CNVC trainer certification process here.
International Intensive Trainings (IIT's)

We are expanding the number of CNVC International Intensive Trainings (IITs) from 3 to 5 per year, to 9 planned in 2014, including locations we have not served for some time, such as Sri Lanka, Luxembourg, UK, East Asia, Middle East, and more!

(You can find the current announced IIT list here and if you would like to be notified as new locations are announced, you can sign up by clicking this link.)
CNVC Certified Trainer Activities

CNVC Certified Trainers teamed with CNVC to conduct a 9 day IIT in Kenya that was offered without cost (other than travel) to participants.
Participants then returned to their communities to share NVC in African orphanages and impoverished rural schools, among others.
NVC projects were conducted bringing NVC to families and groups in India and Sri Lanka.
Workshop participants are learning the 'dance' of compassionate communication and about Buddha's empathy in India.
We know of CNVC Certifed Trainers training people in NVC in the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and many more countries around the world.
People were skiing and NVC-ing in the Swiss Alps!
CNVC Certified Trainers are bringing NVC to schools, childrens' hospitals and prisons throughout the United States.
Racial barriers were crossed bringing NVC to a 4000 member staff at a children's hospital in Seattle, Washington.
This is just a small sampling of the exciting efforts being made worldwide to bring more compassion and peace to the world through NVC. We honor all these efforts; as well as acknowledging the thousands of acts of compassion you and others have done to share NVC globally.

Click here to see more CNVC Certified Trainer Projects


We Desire Connection With You!

The CNVC staff and board are committed to further engaging with our community, living the consciousness of NVC and fulfilling our mission of supporting the growth of NVC with a critical mass of people around the world. (Click here to read our CNVC Staff Statement of Shared Purpose".) We are evolving the way our organization communicates to incorporate more shared celebrations, integration with our community and transparency of our activities.

Please visit us at to sign up as an NVC supporter, register for our newsletter or even find us on Facebook to stay informed of what we are doing as well as of the many exciting programs the CNVC Certified Trainers are creating worldwide.


An Invitation to Partner with CNVC in a Shared Vision

If you share our vision of a more compassionate, loving world, we invite you to participate in whichever ways you might enjoy:

Register or sign in to to learn about the ongoing activities of the CNVC Certified Trainers and the CNVC office.
Buy and encourage friends to buy NVC educational materials via our CNVC Bookstore, or take part in CNVC trainings.
Donate to the CNVC General Fund or specific projects by clicking here.
Stay informed of NVC happenings by signing up for the upcoming NVC Newsletter
We joyfully welcome all levels of donations, whether it is a one-time gift or monthly automated contributions. (Please contact our Financial Coordinator, Michael Sleeter directly if you would enjoy support or assistance with your contribution.)



With your support, we are confident that CNVC and the global network of NVC activists can continue to accelerate the change in consciousness in our world, toward more peace and understanding grounded in our shared human needs.


Your CNVC Team...

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Teresa Laguatan - Bookstore Manager -
Kendra Sciarrotta - International Intensive Training Coordinator -
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