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We believe is the best place to find good people to date. ARC7 is where you take online courses about good vs toxic relationships. When you meet someone in our online relationship courses, you know you have found someone who is serious about doing it right!

Surround yourself with people who are taking relationship courses!

Attract people with high ideals and highly evolved feelings about life. Enroll in Relationship courses. Each course includes opportunities to meet, chat, and zoom with other members of the ARC7 Compassion Network who are on a path to create better relationships. Whether you are looking for new connections for business, friendships, or dating, we suggest taking our online courses to mingle with the right people.

Social Learning

– Take highly evolved courses.
– Enjoy social conversations.
– Contribute high energy ideas.
– Surround yourself with quality people.
– Get involved in projects that will change the world.

Each ARC7 course includes a social group.

Meet, Chat, Zoom

Proceeds go to nonprofit projects.

Course fees are tax deductible.

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15 Lessons

7 Dimensions of Happiness

Take the in-depth self-assessment.

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10 Lessons

Happy Relationships

Screen all your relationships using 7 Core Values for Happy Relationships

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7 Lessons

Toxic Relationships

Transform toxic relationships into sustainable exchanges of energy.

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Each course builds upon the next.

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Meet the Right Kind of People

We are a nonprofit organization building a safe social network where screens and barriers help to minimize catfishing, cyberbullying, social anxiety, depression, and exposure to content that is not appropriate. This network is monitored and moderated to ensure member safety during our important healing and growth opportunities.

Meet people who share the same positive goals for highest well-being and global well-being can attend online courses and have a better chance of finding compatible new friends, and perhaps find your soul mate.

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