Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler has a website and youtube channel where she offers to support you in experiencing more love and light in your life.  From Angel Card Readings, Meditations, and Spiritual Guidance to support you in your life and on your spiritual and ascension path.  Support in raising your vibration, opening your psychic gifts and abilities, connecting with guidance, healing and love from the higher angelic realms, and lifting into a new level of love and light.  Her website,, and her channel, AskAngels, offers a unique perspective on the subject of ascension, awakening, and spirituality.

Spirituality, Awakening, and Ascension... Is There a Difference?

Activating Your Ascension

December 2020 Ascension Shift

Let the old crumble and go of
materialism and separation.
Ride the wave of light energy
of collaboration and community.

How to Remember Your Soul Purpose & Mission
5 steps to take

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