Message Requests

1- Many people will send you message requests.

2- If they are looking for a job, they will say they are interested.

3- If they ask a question, they are trying to sell something. Say “no, thank you.”

4- Send this message to everyone who is interested in being on the sales team:

Copy and Paste:

I’m building my sales team right now for a high ticket offer. I’m looking for setters and closers in the US, UK, or Canada.

Do you fit this?


Find Message Requests on Facebook

1- Here is how to find your message requests on Facebook.

2- Look at the screenshots below to find my blue circles.

3- First click the three bars at the top left of your chats.

4- Next, click on “Message Requests”

5- Send them each the message above.


Next step: How to find talent.

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