Manufacturers Co-op

Our Manufacturers Co-op will partner with manufacturers to provide a closed loop system for our local and global projects. Together with our incredible partners we form a global connection to end poverty once and for all. 

Here's how the Co-op works:

Starting with raw materials, our members contribute the items needed to manufacture the components of a self-sustaining human habitat. Members who contribute to the system are supported by all of the Co-op members. Each member brings a wealth of experience, capability and product to the team. These small businesses and their teams are focused on the project's success. Every member is committed to well-being on all seven levels. Individual team members also bring numerous additional industry specific credentials needed for project completion.

When a new candidate is identified, the Co-op meets with the candidate together. The candidate discusses the specifics of their contribution with the team and the team interacts with the candidate in all areas related to the product design, manufacturing, shipment, storage and certifications needed. The Co-op openly discusses which team member should take the lead based on the specific needs and credentials needed for each aspect of the project. The candidate then decides if he wants to move forward and if so, which team member he will work with. It is always the candidate's choice.  Thus the candidate becomes a new member.

The team member chosen by the new member will establish where the new contribution will be placed within the Co-op team members and their respective supply chains. Emphasis is placed on keeping the supply chain local. The communication, pricing and collaboration is already established. There is no markup of supplier provided goods and services and responsibility for final delivery and quality rests with the new member.

The new member is encouraged to visit and open a dialogue with the team members at any and all times. This is a transparent process to all parties at all times.

So why do manufacturers join the COOP? Simple really.

  1. TEAM-Work (Together Everyone Accomplishes More)
  2. The COOP brings together an abundance of materials, supplies and products from a variety of industries at cost or no cost.
  3. Team member capabilities expand substantially in width and depth.
  4. Members who contribute to the system are supported by all of the COOP members.
  5. The supply chain supports each member of the co-op and their employees with any and all of the products they produce.

Benefits to the community:

  1. Preferred pricing.
  2. Risk mitigation.
  3. Reduced lead time.  Coop supports members first.
  4. Entire team working together for the community.
  5. Substantially higher capabilities within the COOP compared to traditional contract manufacturers.
  6. Community is able to make a difference in the world with their products and efforts.

Contact GWB Manufacturing or any of our partners for more details.

G- 260247763