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South African spiritual leader, Michael Tellinger, has gathered supporters world wide to form a movement and an international political party called Ubunto.  Their stated purpose is to "inject the political beast" with higher consciousness.  They intend to liberate all people from the capitalist model through unity and "contributionism" in a moneyless society.  We joined the movement along with about a million others and hope you will too.  Watch the videos and visit the website to find the ubantu supporters in your local area at UbantuPlanet.org.

We posted the videos part one, two and three in reverse order just in case you don't have the time to watch all three.  Part 3 is the exciting action steps you will not want to miss.

One of Ubuntu's first projects: Ubuntu Mobile - Learn More>>

As we each wake up to the possibilities we begin to realize that a utopian society is self-organizing and rising from the grassroots of every country in the world.  We find these leaders and post them here on TV for Well-Being so that they can become aware of each other.

We were so impressed with this leader and his joyful spirit.  We love his perspective and his ability to share it so well.  Please leave comments below to let us know if you chose to join as we did.

Did you join the movement at UBUNTU PLANET . ORG?

What about Ubuntu Mobile?

Let us know if you did at Elevate@Hub-Om.com.

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