The MIND Dimension
is Focused on Personal Well-Being

MIND is focused on
“The Paradigm Shift.” Einstein said we can't solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them.  Education is the key! We must co-create a new mindset. We must learn, teach and influence others to take steps towards the fulfillment of their highest life purpose.  We offer certification to teachers, tutors, coaches, and consultants to become the kind of enlightened educators this ARC7 needs.  Our highly evolved educators will inspire each individual with motivation to get organized, get educated, and get going!

Learn and Earn Points:

Meetups and Projects for Personal Well-Being:


Teachers and Tutors is a course for educators who want to get involved in the ARC7 vision.  Individualized online education is the only way to meet the needs of every type of learning at every level.  The days of classroom education where everyone is expected to learn the same thing at the same moment and take the same length of time to learn it is a bygone era.  Now that we have computer-aided learning, we can meet the specific needs of each individual.

Anything we want to learn is available online with more being added every day.  The most important thing we can do to solve illiteracy and inequality is to provide access to computers.  As educators, we must teach people how to learn online, how to navigate a website, and how to search for the information the student craves.  Then learning will be a lifelong passion.  Become an ARC7 Teacher and Tutor!


Focus on Abilities is a course that helps us realize that we are all handicapped in one way or another.  We also have gifts and talents that can change the world.  Too often people are segregated into limiting categories.  These categories are based upon factors that have no real bearing on our ability to offer meaningful contribution to the world.

A crucial part of this course plan is to advocate for accessibility that can be enjoyed by the entire spectrum of abilities, from toddlers to seniors, from gifted to challenged, from able bodied to disabled. We find ways to integrate the magnificent abilities of each person who gets involved with ARC7.  We are looking for people who are chosen to develop the life purpose of others.  In fact, every member who joins will need care and attention to know exactly how their gifts fit into the ARC7 vision!

The success of our life purpose development program will be evidenced by each of our members finding a meaningful role in this organization, making powerful decisions for their lives, and furthering the vision of ARC7 Arcology.  We want our life purpose development program to be offered by living, breathing, people who have a passion for helping others find their niche no matter who they are or where they come from.  If that is your calling, this course is for you.  Become an Abilities Leader!


Educated Voices is a course that recruits researchers, journalists, bloggers, and youtubers to empower and equip each member of ARC7 with the knowledge they need.  With excellent sources of updated knowledge, we can become the movement we imagine and nothing will be impossible to us.  Knowledge is power.  It helps us make the best possible decisions for our lives.  Learning doesn't stop when we graduate.  News and education are one and the same.  News helps us always stay informed and updated.  With this in mind, our news must be written by credible educators who do their research!  We are looking for ARC7 members who have a strong voice and who have the talent to communicate well, of course, but we are also looking for members who are committed to the ARC7 vision to gather the conscious community and inspire them to build arcologies nearby and around the world.  Become one of our featured Educated Voices!

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