MISSION: Global Arcology Development

The mission of GlobalWell-Being.org:

Conduct ARCOLOGY RESEARCH through surveys and online discussions.

To offer PUBLIC AWARENESS EVENTS about arcologies of well-being and informative and up-to-date WEBSITES that support the building of arcologies of well-being.

To establish STANDARDS FOR OPERATIONS of arcologies of well-being that will assure maximum long-term sustainability.

To create a LEGAL UMBRELLA for arcologies to operate under and provide legal support and counsel to each arcology of well-being.

To RAISE FUNDS for arcology development through awareness events, public appearances, and ALLIANCES with compatible non-profit organizations.

To offer ONLINE DEVELOPMENT TRAINING to potential members of arcologies of well-being in order to eventually develop an environment of well-being within an arcology.

To provide human resource services to help FILL CORE ROLES of each arcology with qualified people who have passion for the successful implementation of the Arc 777 plan and who have completed the online training.


Are you interested in finding out how you or your organization can be part of GlobalWell-Being.org mission?  

Send inquiries to Envision@GlobalWell-Being.org or  terefoster777@gmail.com.


This is an example of designs that could be used for Arc 7.