MONEY – Online Business Ideas


by Dale Foster, CPA, and Tere Foster

Take our simple workshop. If our online business ideas are a good fit for you, we will help you set up your home-based business the right way.

We look forward to working with you!


Once you have your business set up we can offer the opportunity to work as a Hub-Om Rep.

Hub-Om Reps earn 50% commissions on the sale of our workshops for the conscious community:

- Money - Make Money Online
- Food - Healthy Eating
- Time - Get Organized!
- Energy - Healing

- Gather - conscious community
- Build - intentional community
- Share - utopian community

Get familiar with our workshops by clicking on the links above. If one or more work well with your online business ideas, take this course and get started today!

Online Business Ideas

Hub-Om online business ideas center around the idea that millions of people around the world would love to have another source of income. This would set them free to do the things they dream of doing. Online business ideas create a flow of online income. It provides a way to reach for your dreams while providing a service for others.

Our workshop online business ideas center around the hope that the conscious community would take our courses and begin to unify. It is this unity that will change the world. We believe that life transformation leads to global transformation. This means that if we can reach individuals one at a time and it will lead to global transformation automatically.

3DHealth.Net online business ideas center around providing the materials for the seven workshops. Materials include digital worksheets, written materials, videos and music that will bring about life transformation. Because our materials are digital we don't have to print them on paper or produce a CD or DVD. This saves the lives of countless trees, eliminates plastics and packaging. It also simplifies the method used to fill orders. A customer simply buys the materials and receives them in the same transaction. Simple and fast!

Because the research and costs associated with producing these products are already completed, we have no overhead or production costs. This means we can offer 50% commissions and still make 50% to further our vision for supporting the conscious community.


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