Multi-Grain Bread

Multi-grain recipes may use at least 60% wheat and 40% other grains, because wheat contains the elasticity that holds the bread together and allows it to rise. Without that elasticity the bread will be very dense and crumbly. For the multi-grain recipe in this cookbook we mix equal amounts of the six grains listed to make Ezekiel Mix and then we combine this mix with wheat in a ratio of 40-60. I store each grain separately so that I can use them in other recipes such as hot cereal or mild grain drinks. If we total up a 4-gallon bucket of each of the six grains we have 24 gallons of assorted grains to use in bread recipes. Using the calculations above, we needed eight 4-gallon buckets a year to make one recipe of bread a year. For multi-grain bread we would use 40-60 ratio which amounts to about five buckets of wheat and three buckets of other grains. Since we have six buckets of other grains we know that we have enough for two years of multi-grain bread recipes once a week.

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