ARC7 is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Columbia, Missouri. We are dedicated to put Columbia’s musical community on the map as a philanthropic hub centered around the creative arts.


ARC7 is committed to creating an environment where artists can fully express their creativity with emphasis on unity, inclusion, tolerance, spiritual alliance, freedom of expression, collaboration, and exchange as the founding principles.


Members of ARC7 freely offer their talents to help each other produce quality music, merchandise, and events. Proceeds and donations are used to promote the arts by providing a basic income for the artists as they develop their craft.


1- Provide inspirational arts for the community

2- Improve quality of life for artists

3- Raise funds to support artists to draw artists to Columbia.

. . . . . . GIVE

Artist Contribution:

$10 a month – tax deductible

Sell tickets to our fundraisers

Sell our merchandise

Provide talent for recordings
– 1 hour

Perform or assist at our events
– 1 hour

Sell your project through ARC7 Exchange to support artists with a basic income.

RECEIVE . . . .

Artist Benefit:

Gain professional musicians to work on your projects

Gain local gig opportunities

Rehearsal space with ample room for a band
– 1 hour

Recording studio time
– 1 hour

Vote on important ARC7 Business such as who receives basic income.


$10 a month – tax deductible

Proceeds support an end to poverty and inequality.

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