My Whole Foods Kitchen

Spend this month’s food budget a whole new way!

Would you like to have something to show for your monthly food budget?

We will help you improve the quality of your meals forever.

You can even earn money with your new food production skills.

A one-time investment for a few inexpensive items will transform you!

Become “the producer” instead of “the consumer.”

1) The Handbook

We start with a digital copy of the Food Production Handbook:


From My Whole Foods Kitchen

by Teré Foster

Find instructions, menu plans, shopping lists, printable labels and recipes.

My Whole Food Kitchen

The menu we use for My Whole Foods Kitchen follows a meals-for-the-week plan.  We start with rice and beans for 7 ethnic themes, one for each day of the week. You and your family can build your meals out from there. Vegans will find these vegetarian meal starters to be plenty of food for a satisfying meal.

Bring all of your loved ones around one table again!  It can be done simply, easily and affordable with our Vegetarian Meal Starters by using whole food ingredients with no meat, dairy, salt, sugar, oils, transfats or gluten. Our Vegetarian Meal Starters create a basis for every special diet around common themes that everyone in the family will love.

When we say our Vegetarian Meal Starters you know without doubt that they are!  When you start with unprocessed, organic, non-GMO, grains and beans, add spices and simmer, you know that your meal is vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, low-sodium, sugar-free and absolutely no colors, MSG, preservatives or any other food additive that is causing so many diet-related illnesses. Can you get the same guarantee from a grocery store or a restaurant?

Cooking from scratch with unprocessed whole foods that spring from the ground is the only way you will know exactly what is in your food.

Can it be cost effective? Absolutely! We have ways to cook efficiently making Meals for the Week all at once, then setting them up in your refrigerator to “whip up” as needed. Now you can serve a healthy, home cooked meal any time, lunch, dinner or midnight snack! When schedules are full and families are going many directions at once it can be challenging to find a long enough moment to have a meal together– especially if you want it to be made from scratch with whole food ingredients because bulk foods must be soaked overnight. With our pre-planned Vegetarian Meal Starters you can have healthy meals at any time. Just heat, garnish and serve!

Think about how often you eat out, order delivery or even do your own cooking. It costs at least $20 to feed a family. The average family spends over $550 a month on groceries. Plus you will probably spend over an hour per week at the grocery store and an hour planning and preparing each meal.  Vegetarian Meal Starters can reduce your food bill by 50% or more.  You might be able to afford one of our Personal Chefs with the money you save!  A personal chef comes to your home and uses your Starter Kit to cook the Vegetarian Meal Starters for you.

Hiring a Personal Chefs will save you over 15 hours per week and eliminate the time it would have taken for you to learn how to cook with whole foods. Not to mention the waste of fresh ingredients that often goes bad in the refrigerator before you have had a chance to use them.

If you were to go a restaurant or order take out, you can’t control how the food is cooked and you will be paying a much higher price for something that is not as healthy as meals from one of our Personal Chefs would prepare. You save on the cost of delivery, the additional tip, the cost of parking and the gas in the car–costs that can add up very quickly.

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