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Our network of sites work together to provide support for people seeking to experience the kind of life transformation that leads to global transformation. We provide training as well as employment opportunities for those we train.

This site markets our “Food for Well-Being” Meal Starters with a pdf cookbook, cooking videos, a healthy shopping list, and assignments to educate and motivate. Graduates of the course are prepared to earn extra income through CAREERS.

2) 3DHealth.Net – MIND
A hub for the meeting of the mind. Free space for the conscious community to gather and advertise. This social networking website provides a place of collaboration for our students. Ultimately we seek to eradicate poverty and inequality through planning, designing and building “all-expense-paid” utopian communities. When we unite our gifts, talents and assets we can accomplish anything.

The umbrella marketing company for our entire line of health and wellness education, products and services for health in all three dimensions: in body, mind and spirit to produce health, wealth and happiness. The plan centers on the Seven Pillars of Personal Transformation that leads to Global Transformation.

Phase 1: 1-money, 2-health, 3-time, 4-energy. Phase II: 5-gather, 6-build and 7-share.
When you transform how you manage the first four pillars in your personal and professional life your whole world will change!

The ultimate goal is to design, plan and co-create a new way of living with others like you. This is the Life Transformation that leads to Global Transformation. We end with one question: Is a utopian society possible today? We think it is!
Get the overall vision for global transformation.


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