Neutralize Negativity

Step 1: Make "The Choice"

Negativity or Positivity

Some surprising things you might not realize about the power of words...

Step 2: "Fill Up"

Step 3: "Pour Out"

Studies have shown that stress and anxiety is responsible for 95% of all visits to the physician, and that mindfulness is effective in the reduction of worry and the symptoms that follow.  Mindfulness is the practice of pulling yourself out of your negative thoughts and into the present.  Listen to the air going in and out of your lungs and suddenly your body, mind and spirit will calm.  Notice the walls on all four sides of you, and your symptoms will subside.

All three of these negative thinking patterns keep you from experiencing peace and gratitude in the present.

Worry and Fear

Worry and fear is when you are fixated on what might happen.

Anger and Depression

Anger and depression is fixating on what happened in the past.

Envy and Desire

Envy and desire is when you are fixated on some day in the future.

Negativity can become "trapped" in the body, mind and spirit and soon begin to manifest as symptoms of illness and disease.