Neutralize Negativity

Step 1: Make "The Choice"

Negativity or Positivity?

  • Master your emotions.
  • Find the good in your own circumstances.
  • Learn to let everyone and everything go.
  • You can't control anything but yourself.
  • Focus on the real solutions in your life, not the problems.

Step 2: "Fill Up"

Universal Energy

  • Listen to the air going in and out of your lungs and suddenly your body, mind and spirit will calm.
  • Notice the walls on all four sides of you, and your negativity will subside.
  • Seek, starting deep within you.
  • No one else holds the key but you.

Step 3: "Pour Out"

Serve Others

  • Make connections with other spiritual people.
  • Choose to listen to the positive voices in your heart and mind.
  • Tune out the negative voices running through your mind.
  • Talk to the Source.
  • Ask for inspiration and purpose to focus your attention.
  • Stay focused on this one purpose.
  • Make this purpose your happy place.
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