Our Team


What does a consultant do?

A consultant is hired hourly for a short-term goal such as:

  • identifying problems
  • solve specific problems
  • recommending swift actions
  • providing answers to questions

Our consulting offers a personal approach:

In general, our consulting involves working on team-oriented projects to resolve problems for clients. (management, financial, or other) Projects tend to last for three to four weeks, and they are conducted on-site, by phone, or by zoom.  We offer consulting to increase our client's well-being on 7 levels: survival, body, mind, spirit, family, community, and humanity.  These are the elements of highest well-being.


hourly consultant

by phone, skype, text, email, videos


What does a coach do?

Coaches are retained on a monthly basis to help you achieve long-term goals.

Goals may include:

  • starting a business
  • losing weight
  • writing a book

Our Coaches are trained to accelerate your progress:

  • developing your life purpose
  • getting organized
  • re-evaluation and re-direction of your energies
  • finding your voice
  • spiritual cleansing
  • preparing for leadership
  • finding a business mission statement


monthly coaching

phone, skype, text, email, videos


What does a lightworker do?

A lightworker is a special person with almost psychic ability to intuit what other people are thinking, feeling, or need in order to heal.  They offer ways to:

  • transform negative to positive
  • release trapped emotions
  • help you connect to Source

Guiding you through the Ascension 7 process:

  • Find who you really are.
  • Why are you here.
  • Harnessing your gifts.
  • Releasing trapped emotions.
  • Breaking free.
  • Transforming negative energy.
  • Invoking your power.


phone, skype, text, email, videos

All 7 levels:

    Financial Well-Being

  • 2-BODY:
    Physical Well-Being

  • 3-MIND:
    Personal Well-Being

  • 4-SPIRIT:
    Emotional Well-Being

  • 5-FAMILY:
    Social Well-Being

    Career Well-Being

    Global Well-Being

7 Steps:

  • Step 1. Assess Well-Being
    -use our tools to assess your well-being in 7 dimensions
  • Step 2. Raise Your Self-Awareness
    -enjoy a confidential telephone session
  • Step 3. Action Plan
    -set strategies to fill the gaps in your well-being
  • Step 4. Transition and Transform 
    -Read the book and complete the worksheets
  • Step 5. Practice Makes Perfect
    -meet with others on the same path to practice compassion and love
  • Step 6. Discover and Develop
    -find your life purpose and create a strategy to live it out
  • Step 7. Expand and Multiply
    -Learn powerful tools and strategies to help others.

Spiritual Healing:

Spiritual Counselor:  A counselor who provides guidance to help you explore your own spiritual beliefs and find your own power.

Intuitive Guide:  An intuitive uses their ability to connect to the subtle, non-physical ways that we communicate to deliver information and guidance. Intuition is often described as a feeling or an “intuitive hit.”  This can often be considered a flash of insight. Everyone has this ability, but some develop it more than others.

Remote Healer: Remote healing by releasing trapped emotions.  This can be done by phone or zoom.

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