Our Vision

1- End Animal Cruelty

in America by 50% by the year 2020

Given that around 93 percent of people still eat meat, it’s difficult to imagine that everyone will cease doing so anytime soon. A world that eats far less meat, however, is already on the way. Meat consumption has been steadily declining in the U.S.—by 10% per capita since 2007, in fact.

In that year,  for example, the U.S. raised and killed 9.5 billion land animals for food. As of 2014, that number plummeted by a whopping 400 million (to 9.1 billion — click here to view the statistics), says Paul Shapiro, Vice President, Farm Animal Protection for The Humane Society of the United States.

“What that means is that compared to 2007, last year almost half a billion fewer animals were subjected to the torment of factory farming and industrial slaughter plants–and that’s despite the increase in the U.S. population,” Shapiro explains.   (by HANNAH SENTENAC, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of Latest Vegan News) 


Let's Reduce Animal Product Consumption

2-End Food Corruption

and Obesity at the Same Time

Millions of Americans want to make the change to healthy eating but don't know how to do it.

The average family spends $550 a month on foods that are processed with harmful additives and stripped of nutrition because they don't know the simple skills of processing whole foods for themselves.

Americans no longer eat dinner together as a family because life has gotten so demanding and diets have gotten so complicated. The loss of family relationships impact more than health but includes the complex, multifaceted issue of well-being that impacts productivity and success.

Diet-related illnesses are skyrocketing.

Poor diet has been linked to low productivity at work, more visits to the physician and higher health care costs for employers.


3-End Poverty

Around the Globe

70% of the world's poorest populations rely on agriculture as their main source of income and employment.  Most of these farmers are women, with babies on their backs.  Your local grocer and all the middle-men who fill their shelves take more than 90% of the price we pay at the grocer store.  Less than 10% goes to the poor farmers.  Through Fair Trade, we choose to buy whole foods directly from small farmers around the world to eliminate the middle man.  By buying direct from farmers we are bringing prosperity to the poorest people of the earth.

Our Solutions and Products:

We offer a box of Vegan Side Dishes that we call FOOD for WELL-BEING that are organic, non-GMO whole foods and spices that are a delight to the senses, healthy to the body and easy on the budget.

We offer affordable personal chef services for those who don't have time to cook from scratch. All our meals are cooked from scratch in the homes of the client.

We offer a cooking course for life-long dietary improvements. The course will help meat-eaters make the paradigm shift to meatless meals with the least trauma possible.

All our recipes and delivery meals are meatless, but customers have a meat and dairy option.  We teach how to serve meat and dairy separately so that all dietary requirements can be served at the same table.

All our recipes have vegan and vegetarian options, meaning a recipe calls for an egg we suggest "1 egg or vegan substitute."

All our whole grain breads are made from flour that is freshly sprouted, dried, and ground on site.  No processing, bleaching or "enriching". This flour contains the highest possible nutritional value.  Even gluten sensitive people can often tolerate this flour very well. Pizza or sub sandwiches are more than 150 times more nutritious than the commercially produced option simply by changing to our whole sprouted grain bread.

My Whole Foods Kitchen demonstrates in seven easy steps how exciting life can be to eat well, gain energy, lose weight and save money!

The plan starts with buying whole foods such as rice, beans and grains in bulk to save money. These are the superfoods with the highest nutrition that can also store well for long periods of time.  We efficiently cook these whole foods in a multi pot pressure cooker to make meals for the week with the smallest amount of energy and time. Then we make up some Quick Mixes full of ethnic spices that make whole grains and beans come alive with exotic variety. We also have a variety of Breakfast Quick Mixes are made from freshly sprouted whole grain flour to make meals like whole grain waffles, pancakes, crepes, muffins, and more. Purchasing whole foods in bulk such as rice, beans, wheat, quinoa, millet and oats that can store for long periods of time and making these the focus of our diet, we can eliminate trips to the grocery store. The result is a high-energy, heart-healthy lifestyle that gets people feeling better than ever before.

The research has been done in local kitchens and the solutions to health and well-being is here, in our Healthy Meals for the Week, to replace processed foods with whole foods that spring from the ground.  They need to be able to purchase bulk foods at the lowest possible prices and be trained how to process them for themselves instead of buying foods that have already been processed. We have a plan for processing all the meals for the week at one time to reduce the cooking time for making dinner at home.  We join wholeheartedly with a slogan from a billboard that says: SAVE THE WORLD: COOK DINNER TONIGHT.

To help customers become proficient in processing their own foods we created a Vegan Cooking Club.  Combined with a Group Exercise Class, the Group Cooking Class takes the customer step by step through the food processing plan for the week and during wait times takes the class through movements and exercise that promote fitness. In the same class we provide DIET and EXERCISE.  Rather than bringing our customers compelling information to increase their awareness, we bring them action that implement measurable diet and health solutions.

The final part of the plan is to create jobs for our customers across America by teaching, training and marketing our Chefs to deliver nutritious, heart-healthy meals in their local area. Our customers can re-direct their food bill to be a health-building menu plan for their own home and extra income for their household. The beauty of this part of our vision is the limitless types of people who can take advantage of this additional income; stay-at-home moms, retirees, veterans and anyone else who loves to cook, loves people and wants to work from home.  We market from MyWholeFoodsKitchen.com and give them their own pages for their local club activities. We train them and send them out in a few Group Cooking Classes.

Get started now!

by Teré Foster


Contact:  Teré Foster

phone: 262-232-3196
email: tfoster@MyWholeFoodsKitchen.com
address: Pewaukee, WI



  1. We researched and wrote FOOD for WELL-BEING Cookbook.
  2. We produced 100 cooking videos for teaching heart healthy cooking. 
  3. We posted the videos on a YouTube channel and have over a 1200 followers so far. YouTube.com/3DHealth.
  4. We designed our website, MyWholeFoodsKitchen.com to market the program.
  5. We offered a free eBook overview of the program.
  6. We formatted the cookbook as a PDF to eliminate all printing costs, shipping and handling costs and to save the trees and the planet at the same time!
  7. We condensed and innovated until we were able to package the entire program into one starter kit called FOOD for WELL-BEING Variety Box.  This one product starts the customer on the path to better health with simple step by step instructions.
  8. We developed a unique cooking method that uses a mason jars in a pressure cooker to cook our meals for the week.
  9. We developed a business plan that costs us very little to operate and leaves a larger portion for generous commissions.
  10. We have developed training and support for personal or professional applications. of our cookbook in eight short sessions; one session for an overview and one session for each of the seven projects.
  11. We have created shopping lists that includes everything a customers needs to everything they need to become "the producer" instead of "the consumer" and never eat processed foods again!
  12. We created a plan that allows the average person to leverage their food budget into a home business if they wanted to.  The food budget may now be re-directed to earn income instead of being an endless monthly expense.


Get Involved!

Help us reach one million households!  Share this plan with as many people as you can. Young and old can benefit from a healthy kitchen stocked full of whole foods that store for long periods of time.

We support the Heart Association:
Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of women. More women die of heart disease than all cancers combined.  We are committed to be part of the solution to supply not only recipes but systems and kitchen planning that will make it fun, efficient and sustainable to eat healthy for the rest of your life.  A portion of the proceeds from My Whole Foods Kitchen will go towards the important research of the Heart Association.

We provide support for families:
Most people who are making this leap into whole foods will have one or more loved ones who are somewhat resistant to the idea of leaving behind their pizza and hamburgers, soda and snacks. To help make the transition from junk foods to whole foods a little smoother in each household, we chose to start by converting America’s favorite foods into health foods. Pizza and hamburgers never tasted so good and so good for you when using our recipes for homemade veggie burger and homemade whole wheat buns. Plant proteins have never been easier to prepare with our cooking short-cuts with seven meals in one pot. Even sweets can be a little healthier by making them yourself!

We help people save money:
Usually the journey to a healthy diet is an expensive one.  Shopping at a health food store can often be twice or three times as expensive as shopping at the local grocery store. We teach a healthy shopping plan that helps you stay within your present food budget and may even save money! Our testimonials  proclaim how this series has changed our customer’s lives and changed the way they think about healthy cooking.

We make it fun! :
Our healthy cooking plan includes meals for the week, one meal for each day of the week all prepared at the same time!  Monday Mexican, Tuesday Tandoori, Western Wednesday, Thai Thursday, etc.  Knowing the theme for each day of the week makes planning and shopping for heart healthy cooking easy and fun. With everything cooked ahead, our meal plan is simply heating, garnishing and serving!  Each of our cooking videos are under 10 minutes sharing bite-sized projects from the seven projects. We show how to make incredibly healthy meals that even picky eaters will love including homemade soups and breads, meatless tacos, stir fry, pizza, hummus and pitas, and of course a good old veggie burger on a whole wheat bun.


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