Owning a Milk Cow

Does it mean I am crazy if I admit that I dream of owning a milk cow and boarding it locally just like some people board a horse. I want to share the responsibilities of owning a milk cow, caring, feeding and milking this cow, with a community of like-minded people. If the cow has to be milked twice a day, seven days a week, (fourteen times a week), then I plan to involve a community of 14 families who would each milk and feed the cow once a week. The amount of milk they get from their milking is theirs to take home and will hopefully last them for the whole week until their next milking.

Many elderly people will tell you that they grew up milking cows. It used to be part of everyday life. There was a cow in every back yard. Now yards have gotten smaller and smaller and zoning has made laws to prevent you from owning a cow. I believe it is all part of a greater problem of being forced to be dependent. I believe owning a cow will be an important step in empowering self-reliance among my friends.



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