Parenting Classes

Teach Your Children

How to Build Good Relationships

Compassion training prepares you for good parenting.

  • Raising a family
  • Planning marriage
  • College student preparing for a good relationship
  • High school student preparing for a good relationship
  • Children learning at an early age how to have good relationships

Compassion Training for Parents and their Children

We believe that to make real changes in the future of planet earth we must re-think our plan for training the rising generation. The most important skill we must learn is maintaining good relationships. This will lead to highest well-being and impact global well-being

Families must develop a strong and peaceful “nest” where the rising generation can reach their highest potential.  We must teach each member of the family individually how to treat one another, even babies and toddlers, before toxic attitudes become embedded in their hearts and minds. If we see bully tendencies, we must train them to have compassion for others.

Toxic Males – Have you been accused of being “toxic” and don’t understand why people see you that way? Come learn how to make small changes to your mindset to maintain good relationships and improve your life in every way.

We believe these skills should also be taught in:

  • Jails
  • Juvenile halls
  • Rehabs
  • Domestic Violence Programs
  • Divorce Prevention Programs
  • Divorce Recovery Programs

If we truly want troubled individuals to be restored and become a benefit to society, we must provide them with ways to retrain the toxic masculine mindset.

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Everyone Can Benefit From Compassion Training

Those who enroll will gain awareness and appreciation of the extreme impact good relationships or toxic relationships have on our lives, our health, and our wellbeing. Nothing matters more when it comes to happiness, that knowing how to build good relationships.

Alpha Males – Come learn how to expand your mind to a brand new paradigm and experience a shift towards the highest version of yourself, learning how to use your strength to empower and inspire.

Beta Males – Come learn how to stand with powerful integrity to prevent toxic males from dominating you or those around you.

Alpha/Beta Couples -Come learn how to reshape your relationship to be one of mutual respect, free from power struggles.

Victims of a Toxic Relationship -Become aware of the abuse you have experienced and learn how to heal yourself.  We hope to interrupt the cycle of abuse by bringing awareness about old paradigms that no longer serve your best interest.

Parents -Learn how to guide your children down the path to highest well-being. We hope parents will teach their children these crucial skills before they become teenagers.

Fathers -Learn how to equip your children to interrupt the cycle of toxic masculinity early in life. Teach them love and respect and other important skills that empower others.

Mothers -Learn how to teach your little boys how to respect and empower others, starting with their mothers!  Mothers hold the key and the perfect remedy for toxic relationships.  Generational stress and trauma is passed down from mother to son. Find out what you can do about it!

Teens and young adults – Prepare yourself to build a successful family life. We hope that young people will refuse to marry anyone who refuses to take compassion training. In so doing, they may avoid making the mistake of marrying someone who has an alpha/beta mindset. This is one way we can interrupt the cycle of toxic relationships and set you up for a good relationship.

Employers -Learn how to empower your employees to be more engaged and productive by creating an environment of highest wellbeing for everyone involved. This starts by having good relationships in the workplace.

If you have you been asking yourself, “How can I change my life for the better? What will bring lasting life transformation? How can I heal my relationships?” you are not alone! Millions of people are asking themselves the same questions right now. This course, Good vs Toxic Relationships, will be a good place to start.


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