Rising personal debt, inconsistent income and low savings levels have left large segments of society financially vulnerable. Increasingly people are just about scraping through to the end of the month, or worse still falling short and turning to high-interest lenders. In the UK alone, 1 in 5 adults have less than 400 USD in their bank accounts and 1 in 3 are not currently saving for the future. This lack of financial resilience is causing significant financial stress for some people, detachment and inertia for others, but overall it’s restricting and impacting our life choices. Our health, relationships, job prospects and ambitions are all being affected. It’s clear that money complexities are dominating our lives and limiting our potential. Pariti was founded to change this...

Matthew Ford, CEO and Founder of Pariti

Pariti is a new fairer type of finance company. We provide tools, guidance and access to low cost loans to help you out of high-interest debt towards a safer financial future.

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