Personal Life Coaching

Tech Support for the Soul


What does a coach do?

Coaches are retained on a monthly basis to help you achieve long-term goals.

  • starting a business
  • losing weight
  • writing a book
  • improve a relationship


Coaches help you fulfill your life purpose:

  • contacting you daily
  • getting you organized
  • helping you re-evaluate
  • re-directing your energies
  • finding your voice
  • preparing for leadership
  • developing your life purpose


monthly coaching

by phone, zoom, text, email


What does a consultant do?

A consultant is hired hourly for a short-term goal such as:

  • identifying problems
  • solving specific problems
  • recommending swift actions
  • providing answers to questions


Consultants accelerate your progress:

In general, consulting is focused on resolving one immediate problem.  Like tech support for the soul, ARC7 Consultants are more like guides that help you through an issue that needs an innovative solution.  Sometimes you just need to bounce ideas off of someone who will give you direct feedback to eliminate valuable time from your learning curve.

Focused on one immediate need, consulting tends to last for three to four weeks, conducted by phone, zoom, text, and email.

hourly consultant

by phone, zoom, text, email


What does a guide do?

A guide is a special person who has learned the ARC7 method of compassion.  They can intuit what other people are thinking, feeling, or needing in order to heal.  They offer ways to:

  • transform negative to positive
  • release trapped emotions
  • help you connect to Source


Guides help the ascension process:

  • Finding out who you really are.
  • Why are you here.
  • Harnessing your gifts.
  • Releasing trapped emotions.
  • Breaking free.
  • Transforming negative energy.
  • Invoking your power.


power session

by phone, zoom, text, email

What's the difference between a coach, consultant, counselor, therapist, advisor, teacher, trainer, tutor, lightworker, empath, healer, guru, mentor, or guide?

7 Assignments:

  • Assignment 1: Assess and Ascend
    -use our tools to prepare for your first session
  • Assignment 2: Rethink and Re-direct
    -evaluate your present path
  • Assignment 3: Connect 
    -enjoy a confidential telephone session
  • Assignment 4: 7 Dimensions
    -set strategies to fill the gaps in your well-being
  • Assignment 5: Practice Makes Perfect
    -practice with others on the same path
  • Assignment 6: Discover and Develop
    -find your life purpose and create a strategy
  • Assignment 7: Expand and Multiply
    -Help others do the same

All 7 dimensions:

    Financial Well-Being
  • 2-BODY:
    Physical Well-Being
  • 3-MIND:
    Personal Well-Being
  • 4-SPIRIT:
    Emotional Well-Being
  • 5-FAMILY:
    Social Well-Being
    Career Well-Being
    Global Well-Being

Spiritual Guides:

Spiritual Counselor  is a counselor who provides guidance to help you explore your own spiritual beliefs, find your own power, and experience spiritual cleansing.

Intuitive Guide is an intuitive who uses their ability to connect to the subtle, non-physical ways that we all communicate to deliver information and guidance. Intuition is often described as a feeling or a prompting.  This can often be considered a flash of insight. Everyone has this ability, but some develop it more than others.

Remote Healer is a personal trained and proficient in remote healing by releasing trapped emotions you may have in body, mind, or spirit.  This can be done by phone or zoom.

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