Personal Well-Being

"Career Well-Being" has to do with what we do with our time.  It has nothing to do with a paycheck.  People who report having a sense of "career well-being" had these four factors in place every time.

Whether we get paid or not, Career Well-Being is based upon these factors:

  • 1- What we do has meaning.
  • 2- What we do uses our strengths.
  • 3- What we do gives us something to look forward to.
  • 4- What we do involves friends and/or family who share a common mission.

We want more than "a job."  We want more than "a career." We want to combine our jobs, our careers, our gifts and our life purpose into one opportunity to serve humanity.  Those who had a best friend at work reported greater "career well-being." People with greater "career well-being" are more productive and perform better at their jobs.

We believe that careers must be chosen based upon your personal passions and strengths aimed at the highest purpose and the greatest need.



What is an example of "highest purpose" or "greatest need"?

Please leave your comments below.


  1. People with skills in science and math might want to work towards developing renewable energy or harvesting new sources of power. We use more and more power each day, and the world can’t keep up unless we start working towards energy that is more available than fossil fuels. We are building a world on energy that is being depleted, so it is important that those with the skills to work towards a new way of obtaining power move us in the direction of sustainability.

  2. An example of high purpose and a great need that a person can choose to do would be a programmer. In a world where almost everything around us is digital, programming has a big need to solve big problems. If our everyday technology malfunctioned or got hacked this could possibly put a whole country in chaos if nothing is done to solve this problem. I also believe this skill is of high purpose because the point of being a programmer is to solve problems, improve existing technology or invent new technology. In other words, programming has a high purpose because this skill can change your family, community, and even humanity.

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