Pilot Study

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The Well-Being Think Tank Pilot Study


I am the founder of GlobalWell-Being.org and we are conducting a Pilot Study to evaluate the effectiveness of the Well-Being Think Tank. If you have any questions, please feel free to email, text, or call or visit GlobalWell-Being.org. TereFoster777@gmail.com 262-232-3196


Purpose of the Research

Survey answers will assess the seven elements of well-being: financial, physical, personal, emotional, social, career, and global before and after the study.  At the end of the ten think tanks, participants will be asked to complete the well-being survey again.  The purpose of the research is to assess the effectiveness of the think tanks for improving the well-being of think tank participants.


Type of Research Intervention

Think tank participants will analyze our strategies for gaining well-being as well as how to offering well-being to others. In the style of a think tank, they will review the strategies and "approve" or "improve" each one in detail. We believe they will be inspired to create an environment of well-being in their homes, their schools, or their workplaces.



Learning the difference between “physical needs” and “emotional needs,” participants will learn the art of self-care that will improve their own well-being significantly. About half-way through the ten sessions the program takes a fundamental shift in perspective from having well-being to offering well-being. This shift causes immediate improvements in the participant’s overall sense of well-being, elevating them from the "needy recipient" to the "compassionate hero." They will be empowered to change the world around them in a legitimate and powerful way using the methods they experienced first-hand during the workshop.


There is a potential risk that the positive changes in attitude and life-governing decision-making, could disrupt relationships with those who didn’t participate in the program, namely parents, siblings, and friends. These risks will be mitigated by teaching participants how to cope with this possibility with patience and kindness and offering them an informal way to teach those close to them by using the workbooks that are used during the workshop.


Participant selection

We are collecting participants by direct invitation. We are asking adults from various backgrounds to participate.


Voluntary Participation - Right to Refuse or Withdraw

Your participation in this research is entirely voluntary.  It is your choice whether to participate or not. There is no penalty for changing your mind and stopping all participation without prior notification.


Procedures and Protocol

Strong reading skills will be required. If a participant does not have strong reading skills, they must bring a partner with them who has strong reading skills for all ten sessions. The partner will be considered a participant in the program and will receive a certificate of completion as a participant.



Description of the Process

10 THINK TANKS: The study begins and ends with a Well-being Survey assessing the participant’s well-being on seven levels.  The pilot study includes 10 online think tanks with 5 to 10 participants. Each think tank will be focused on our strategies for GAINING well-being as well as OFFERING well-being to others. We believe that 10 think tanks will be enough time to go over the strategies and discuss them in detail, "approving" or "improving" each strategy in detail.  Participants will be asked to complete a short evaluation of the workshop at the end.



Duration is one of the primary variables the pilot study will help us determine. The Well-Being Think Tank is divided into ten sessions. Sessions will be 30 minutes each. This study will determine if ten is enough or too many and if 30 minutes is long enough to see lasting improvement. The study will also help to determine if the length of time between sessions has an impact on the amount of improvement.



Ten 30-minute think tanks offered in one of two ways;

Option 1- All 10 think tanks in one day - Sunday from 1 -3:30 / break / 4 to 6:30pm


Option 2- A weekly think tank for 10 weeks on Sunday evenings at 7pm central.


Participants will be given a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the pilot study. Certification gives them entry into the Online Think Tank at GlobalWell-Being.org if they have a desire to join. There are membership dues involved.



The GlobalWell-Being.org research team will maintain the confidentiality of data, especially with respect to the information about a participant. Strict confidentiality will be required from each participant not to share the personal details other participants may reveal during the sessions. If you have a desire to reduce the chances of a breach in confidentiality, we recommend that you do not use an email address that includes your first or last name for the webinar and all email communication.


Sharing the Results

The results of the study will be used for grant proposals for future project development and may be published in books and articles without revealing the personal information of the participants.



10 THINK TANKS: The pilot study includes 10 online think tanks with 5 to 10 participants. The first goal of the study will be for participants to review our global well-being strategies and discuss them in detail, "approving" or "improving" each strategy in detail.

The second goal of the Well-Being Pilot Study is to test the effectiveness of the Well-Being Strategies offered during the think tanks. We intend to use the Well-Being Survey as a measurement of effectiveness. The data we gain from the pilot study will help us improve the details of our Well-Being Think Tanks.


Steps of the Pilot Study


1) Take a pre-survey.

The 7 Elements of Well-Being survey will help us assess your present level of well-being. If you have not yet taken the survey, please stop and do so now at GlobalWell-Being.org. Upon submission of this survey you will have a chance to enter the pilot study by clicking "yes" under the pilot study invitation.


2) Telephone Interview

A Well-Being Consultant will call you to assess your goals and confirm your interest in participating in the Pilot Study for 10 sessions at no cost to you.  Your surveys and comments will help us gather statistics for our Well-Being research.


3) Pilot Participant Consent Form

If you are approved to participate in the study, you will be asked to sign a consent form confirming that you plan to be involved for 10 sessions as a Pilot Participant.


4) Receive a free pdf workbook.

When we receive a signed consent form, we will email you the workbook, The Well-Being Think Tank.


5) 10 Sessions

The Pilot Study will be 10 sessions in an online skype format done in one all-day webinar.
Option 1: All 10 in two days- Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 3:30pm both days.
Option 2: All 10 in one day - Sunday from 1 to 3:30pm and 4pm to 6:30pm


 6) Take a post-survey.

Take the same survey again. We hope to see measurable improvements in overall well-being.


7) Accept our Invitation

Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate opens the door to the next step on your journey to greater well-being; your $30 membership dues at GlobalWell-Being.org give you access to the Message Boards of the Online Think Tank. Add your ideas and suggestions. This is how you interact with people and get to know each other well enough to join a project.




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